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  1. Wow, great answer, Thanks again ❤️ I wrote all this questions with deranged mind after another hour of searching, looking, buying and trying ... most of that I already known but some shops only write this on there store, and first look with demo was okay, don't know why
  2. Simply happy again with well known "old" stuff (Current: Glam affair Angelina Jamaica) Maybe in 2-3 years I will switch to the "newest" but for my opinion its crazy to need a lot of hours and money to get the same look as before (expecially the lips and my eyes). Everybody have another taste and I wanna have exactly that Look and wanted to go more perfect, but not more hyaluronic ;D So no glowy shiny skin for me, because the market seems empty for my taste with Lelutka Classic, and the great Pumec skin for Lelutka classic / Maitreya don't match my lips as you seen. Wasted a lot of mo
  3. Yeah, i do have several from Glam, bought in the last few years. But expecially the nice glow on the pumec skins attracted me.
  4. Yes, I think if I don't find a skin expacially for Lelutka Origin, I have to live with my older stuff. Thank you all
  5. I tried for sure several other Bom skins and demos after that. They all look ugly at the lips with all sorts of lipstick I have. But I can not write a full roman here
  6. The pics are made with Chloe 3.4. I only tried today the 3.3 with "very old betaway" to look what happens. But the problem is with the latest 3.4 Chloe. Maybe somebody can let me know where I can get BOM skins for this head and version
  7. Ah tried that too, but it always look like that, there is a darker line above
  8. Hello, long story short questions. I felt in Love with a new BOM Skin from Pumec and switched therefore from my "NoBom Chloe 3.3 to BOM-Chloe 3.4. I didn't have the need to go to BOM before. Than the Odyssey started: My mouth! I have several lipsticks I love, but it won't fit my mouth anymore (or sometimes doesn't apply anyway). I spended a lot of time trying to build the same mouth, several Bom-fixes for this and that from Izzie's expecially for the mouth but it still won't fit the "old" head. I tried Lilly for one day Silvester and don't liked it as much as my "
  9. Hello, I don't know how to discribe the problem we have on our land: rather than every 10 seconds we see a "flickering" (like a photoshoot flashlight) in one corner of our home in every level with every windlight. I went crazy, because I can't find the cause of the flickering. Does anybody know this problem and how to solve it? Thank you.
  10. Same here, glad that it isn't an issue with my PC
  11. Thank you very much for the quick answers. I only contact the support if I can't help myself, I always think they have enough to do Thank you Quartz for reporting instead of me. I am not in a hurry, so I will wait until the issue is solved.
  12. I have a "failed to grant capabilities" problem, so I can't TP to my houseboat, since 45 minutes Bellissaria / Wavebreak. Someone else or is it a problem on my own desk?
  13. I have this "failed to grant capabilities" Problem now. Bellissaria / Wavebreak houseboat. Someone else?
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