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  1. no,we all need to make topics about everything we do)) p.s in fact i mean that if she ever will post here from her alt,she can just write "BelindaN"s alt."But anyway don t wanna offend anybody
  2. it s ok to have alt or alts,sorry but it s weird to let others know,what you do in sl.
  3. ?or another case when 2-3 weeks old avi thinks that they are kings of TOS and whole SL who tries to set their rules in any group)
  4. when i was in SL for first time i saw just a lot of noobs just like me who had fun in different places,when SL started to be bigger,and now i relax at one nice beach place, nobody cares about my noob avi (if i don t attack anyone , avi can t be problem).and then owner of this place IMs me and said:Hello! you should have better avi.I was noy in the mood to say anything and ignored that,later some guys from this beach told me that owner is a bit weird person and have lots of alts,and better not to have long conversations about appearence with him.
  5. starter avatars are so good these days, but i m still use boy next door and happy about it?
  6. I remember salamander paradise hotel&beach,was really big and comfortable place)
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