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  1. I am curious why someone shouldn't use Second Life as a dating service? I appreciate and respect that you wouldn't use it to find a relationship, however using it as a dating service is as good a reason as any to use Second Life. I do understand that this wasn't the initial purpose of the game but it has evolved into it. In fact 50% of SL is designed around relationships, sex and romance. I think it would be only natural for some to want to use this as a way to find a RL partner.
  2. Please, please make sure that you know the basics. I have helped a couple people now and it's a bit frustrating to have to teach them how to right click. At the very least go through the tutorials when you first come in and read some basic guides. I do love helping people but I don't want to give you a six hour lesson on flying, teleporting and how to open a box. That's just me and after I wrote that it sounds kinda bitchy but it's honest.
  3. I find it interesting that some people vehemently defend their right to separate RL and SL life, yet turn around and say things like I don't use SL as a dating app as if it is wrong. I ask certain questions when i meet someone like "where are you from" and "how old are you" Does it matter? Age certainly does to me. If i'm going to form a friendship that might end up spending a few moments under the moonlight i don't want them to be 19 years old with me being 57. I don't want it to be a woman that i'm spending time under the moonlight either. That's just me. If I am going to spend a significant amount of time with someone then I am also interested in if they have children or grandchildren, what they do for work, etc. There are times that I want to discuss things and not be afraid to talk about them, like when my daughter sends me a cute video of my grandson or if i had a great day at work and why. If it's 105 degrees out I may want someone to commiserate with. I personally don't get why people are so against sharing such basic information about themselves. If you are unwilling to share even that it would be a sure bet that we wouldn't become more than an acquaintance. I have enough of those in my RL and would like to make some genuine friendships *and have* here. If you have "RL is RL and SL is SL" in your profile then I probably won't even strike up a conversation with you. I also avoid people who say "NO DRAMA" in their profile too as it is pretty sure drama follows them. I met a very lovely woman that is my age and we live about 2 hours away from each other. We are planning on getting together one Saturday for lunch. If neither of us had shared RL we wouldn't have a chance to make a RL friend. One thing I want to add is that if you are contemplating meeting anyone in RL then get all the RL information you can before you do. Make sure someone knows where you are going and and meet in a public place. All things that are common sense. Unfortunately in this day and age it just is too dangerous not to get this information before you jump in and run off meeting a stranger.
  4. There are people in SL that don't mind sharing RL information and some that have very strict rules about that. You need to figure out which one you are because I've found the two really don't mix *there are always exceptions* and one person may end up unhappy. Be honest with yourself because your post says you are the fence about it so eventually you wont be happy if they truly are determined not to share RL information and you want to know. Neither approach is wrong and everyone is free to do whatever they like in SL. The trick is to find someone that shares what you are looking for whether that is a superficial friendship, one that includes RL information or an all out relationship with plans to meet eventually in RL or just a sex buddy you meet every Wednesday for an hour. Even if you want to use SL as a match.com like site that is your business and only yours. Read any profile and you will see for every one you read they are ALL different just like RL.
  5. If people don't understand a certain lifestyle wouldn't it have just been easier to direct him to the forum where he should post. I know very little about what he is asking for, but what i do know is they take their lifestyle very seriously, both the dominant and the submissive. So it really isn't that unusual that he found someone to speak to just from this post in that short of a time. I see there are a group of people, who post in every post, whether they have anything productive to offer besides entertainment value for the rest of their group, at the expense of the OP. It's school yard bullying and high school mentality. Substitute the word "gay" for "master" and I wonder how many of you would have still posted in the thread. Do you act this way "in-world" or only on the forum. I would guess the latter because most wouldn't be allowed an any venue twice the way people acted in this thread. I see this behavior all over the forum and it's shameful that LL even allows this type of bullying to go on.
  6. So you are saying that you got a house on the very first try without ever refreshing your page when every other person has had to refresh and refresh in order to get a house? Lucky you! Of course now i'm sure everyone wants to know exactly how you accomplished that. Maybe write some tips so we can all get one.
  7. Sugarplum....how cute!
  8. Maybe if you spent more of your time IN SL rather than posting incessantly on the forum you might get better. Then you could actually work for LL and what you say might actually be based on actual experience. <------passive/aggressive smile.
  9. That's exactly what i'm suggesting. I'd be happy to provide what you are asking to LL if they choose to ask me. I actually don't feel the need to justify anything to a random forum member.
  10. Perhaps Patch should hire more qualified people to create their regions. I personally know many people that can take a blank region and terraform, landscape and theme a region in a matter of hours. They should also consider less custom landscaping if it takes that long. Of course all this is a marketing scheme. Announce new homes you know everyone will want one, make them hard to get and make just enough to keep the interest of the customer. Not that i blame them. It's brilliant marketing. How many more people did they get to sign up for premium for a chance at a "new and improved" home. Was it a coincidence that they raised the price of a premium membership just as they started releasing new homes? Nope. How many people are now on their website 24/7 trying to get a home. There is always a reason a company does things they way they do and it's more likely about increasing profit than anything else. I work a full time job so unfortunately I am unable *and unwilling* to spend my precious free time refreshing a web site.
  11. Actually the "fairest" way would be to submit your name and then go by date of creation. This still means i wont get a house but at least I won't be refreshing pages for endless hours when the houses were released at 9:00am. At least give a time frame. LL should have had known that the demand would be over the supply or LL doesn't know their customers very well.
  12. I think it's ridiculous that you have a premium membership yet you have to leave it to chance to get a better house. What they should have done was charge a higher premium price if you wanted a better house and released enough for those that upgraded. They don't even tell you when they will be released so that everyone can get a chance to get one. I don't have the time or inclination to sit on a web page to get something that i should have to begin with. The premium membership is no longer worth it.
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