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  1. Interesting...I've never seen Roleplaying done in Bellisseria ever. I mean they have events but as far as roleplaying..nope. I also find it very cliquish. I do have a log home in Bellisseria.
  2. Are there any other community sims besides. Fox Hollow, Cedar Crest or City of Roseville? I've looked at all three and either all the homes are gone or the ones that are at a decent price point are either trailer trash or dingy motels or apts with peeling wallpaper. Looking for maybe a smaller community RP sim and wondered if there are any out there.
  3. I had a Camper come up but that was mine I just released. lol Today I got a houseboat, 2 Victorian's and a log cabin. Ended up keeping the log cabin. It sits next to a quiet river. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've never had an issue getting a house since the Victorian's were released. May take a few hours though and that is just randomly going back and checking, not even staying there and waiting.
  4. Is there a group that clubs post in if they need a last minute host? I host at a club now but my hours are a bit over the board and it would be nice to be a last minute fill in. I suppose that all clubs have different rules so this may not even be a thing. I did find a couple groups but it's mostly for adult dancing and not one off jobs.
  5. I'm not sure why we have to close a thread just because some don't agree or don't like what other's are saying. I haven't seen any attacks on members from other members.
  6. Really the term BFF wasn't literal. It could have been "buddy" "best bud" "friend". So there was no hidden meaning in using BFF, just and example. 🙂 Interesting how this thread has gone.
  7. OH, now I feel stupid. I thought it was a region in SL. I've never heard Pacific time being called that.
  8. Yeah, I figured that. I also think most of the women in men's profiles are of women they wanted to date but for some reason couldn't so they opted for BFF.
  9. You might be better off just wandering around and introducing yourself. Not everyone is on the forum and you have such specific requirements. Can I ask why they have to be located in Oceania?
  10. I look at profiles like everyone else and one thing that I have noticed is that guys have a lot of Picks of women saying how this person is there BFF or they are their ride or die. Women also do but they include women in that category as well. I have never see a guy put in his picks how "john" is a great friend and BFF. I wonder why that is?
  11. True, but If someone has an opinion on a particular thread I think it should be ok to put yours in. Other threads of course aren't appropriate to resurrect but I think this one is ok. It's interesting to read if the opinions changed over time or stayed relatively the same.
  12. I only read the first few pages as well but I'll put my opinion here. First, I don't there is a law against telling people you are racist as long as you don't act on it. Bad taste? Probably...but they can't arrest you. Now if you make a group that says "only black people allowed" or "white people unite" that might be a violation. I tend to not worry how people act and make sure that I am acting right. As far as deleting something I bought from someone like that? I would not delete it. Half my inventory is more than likely made by someone I wouldn't associate with. I wouldn't be
  13. Just what I was looking for. I will definitely check it out.
  14. Oh I agree. What you are describing is more like a camping site not a log cabin. 🙂 As I said I do love the homes and the surrounding landscape. I was thinking more like this.
  15. I see your point, but because of how little prims we get I wish we didn't have to use them up to make look like a log home. If you change the color they don't even look like log homes at all, they look like traditional ones. I have bought a couple add-on's that make the house look more authentic. I think the add-on's were made in the spirit of the theme so I am happy about that.
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