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  1. In my opinion, cuckolding has to do with humiliation. What you’re describing is a hot wife scenario. Good luck finding someone.
  2. Any romantic relationships I’ve had/will have mixes SL & RL. NEVER to the point that we’re going to get together and live happily ever after. But, I talk about my RL regularly, current and past rl relationships. No matter how good the text, the toons only just don’t do it for me. As a domme, many of the tasks I give are to be done in RL. An ex offered to buy/give me a laptop to replace mine so I could continue to play, and I wouldn’t accept. I ended our SL partnership since I had no idea how long I’d be gone, allowing him to play as he wanted. We remained friends on FB, after he stopped playing SL. Four years later I’m back. I’ve had my subs wear my tag. And, I don’t do any drama. It’s even in my profile that if you’re more drama than fun, you’re gone. The ex of 2010 was the reason, and I’ve had none since him. Even when a relationship ended, it was simply wish you well thing, and remained friends.
  3. Thank you to my Secret Satan, @Orwar for the lovely sweater!
  4. I played for years with out putting any money money in there whatsoever. You can do great with group gifts and freebies. Though I did eventually start hosting and stripping for money. Search for Fabulously Free group and SL Free and Offers. You can find lots of other groups through both.
  5. While people role play in SL, not everyone does. I’d even wager most aren’t. While we wear things most we wouldn’t or couldn’t in RL. The interactions between people are real. I am me, in and out of SL. I may not look the same, but I’m not playing a character. Not everyone sees it the same as you.
  6. I knew nothing about sex in SL when I started. First day I went searching for games. TPd to a an empty sim that had some table games. Tried to play. Saw a mechanical bull that looked like fun. Shocked the crap out of me. Signed out for a day or so. Next I found the tentacle plant. THEN I started searching for the fun stuff.
  7. I was very open when talking to my sons about stuff, usually giving more info than required. My oldest said he asked the lady he was was with if she had a safe word, and giving me way more than I wanted to hear. I am a domme and I was torn between joy that he was being responsible and I know one rl father/daughter duo in SL, and they keep their separate sex stuffs private
  8. My kids are grown. They’ve seen me on SL, They think it’s garbage, and believe people are trying to replace first life. Theyll stick to their video games on PlayStation and Xbox.
  9. More Curious and open-minded, and less judgmental.
  10. I left the 40s almost four years ago. But I find most people I come across are 40++.
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