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  1. Before reading replies.... 1. To have privacy. Maybe I just want to bounce around and not be bothered with *people*. Yet, I don't want to block people from seeing me. 2. Different characters. Maybe I have a findomme alt, an escort alt, a male alt 3. Business alts. When I sold clothes, pre-mesh, I didn't do so on my main account 4. Pre "Resident" - making fun full-name grabs Not all reasons to have an alt are nefarious and nasty
  2. Stop messing up MY SL. I have the right to objectify, abuse, kidnap, beat, anyone who consents to it.
  3. Look for the groups: A Meeting Place - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sos Community/32/13/22 Chapter2 - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chapter2/140/238/22. (your can join the next two from here as well) The Power Exchange - TPE BDSM - World News & Events I don't know about the bottom 2, but I found them through A Meeting Place and Chapter2, which I know hold lots of discussions and events. So I'm assuming the bottom two do as well. I normally get my announcements through various Femdom groups. (If that's your thing, check out Femdom Community Connections 2nd edit... you've already member of some of these groups, so you probably get the notices... I'm a day late & a dollar short lol
  4. So much this. We're struggling because the majority has made us struggle for years. They've put in roadblock on top of roadblock. Why should we thank the ones who realize that some of their people are *keep it clean, stupid* douches? And, another. I'm extremely appreciative, and somewhat surprised at the support in the US and other countries. Watching the protests, I see LOTS of white people marching and helping and supporting. And, I've not seen one person that said "GTFOH, we don't want your help" other than one person here who says she is speaking for herself. Even Rev Al said this was a much different movement from before.
  5. I’m also too many pages behind. Between this and my fb... I really can’t say what I think because I’ll be arrested
  6. Oh, look how he was wrestled, tackled to the ground and lived, and his hand so close to his gun, no less. His life obviously matters. (I forgot I was going to post this so many pages ago, and decided to save my sanity... but, there it is anyway. I guess it wanted to be posted. I'm sorry you went through that. It's funny how the "all lives matters" people will answer this with something like, "Well if he didn't do anything, he had nothing to worry about." They can also ask the cops "What is this about" and be told. They can also reach in their pocket for their wallet and not have the assumption be that they were going for a weapon.
  7. Check out NCI (New Citizens Inc), they have building platforms in all their sims
  8. Thats not surprising. They will protect their own, and smear the victim. Meanwhile, the neutral autopsy will tell the truth.
  9. Because they want all the cops arrested. Because POC keep getting killed by cops & non POC and the killers are getting away with it. Because cops will shoot rather than stun. Because cops kneel on a mans neck for 9 minutes. If they even think POC were doing the killing, they would be locked up & convicted immediately. Because POC get browbeat into confessing to crimes they didn't commit because they're slow or children or poor. Because when my two sons were children, I taught them to respect the cops, the cops are there to help us, the cops are the good guys who get the bad guys. And, when they became teenagers, I had to teach them that if a cop says, "Hey" that they were to stop and put their hands up and to STFU. Say NOTHING. Because now that they are 32 and 26, and while they are both good men, one doesn't like the cops and doesn't like authority, even I still have to yell at them to put your hands on the steering wheel, don't open your mouth, don't look sideways, don't roll your eyes. don't argue, don't say a word except LAWYER or phone call.
  10. Thank you for this. Black woman here. Of A Certain Age. I have my BLM shirt. For whatever that means. (freewheeling it here, went from wanting to say something to not wanting to say anything to having no idea what I'm getting ready to type.. so forgive me) Spending half the week in Newark with my family. And the other half in Harlem (NYC) with my father (90 & lung cancer). I've been cooped up in the house for the better part of the past two months. These were the two highest counties for covid. I was waiting for the National Guard in either of these two places. I was ready (I think?) for that to happen. Then this. I've been upset and/or numb. I have a meme on one of my facebook pages that says eh, i'll just paste it So today, it's hitting me hard. Maybe because not far from where I'm at they destroyed stores, blocks, areas. Maybe because National Guard is actually a thought., Maybe because cheetoh-in-charge is ready to release the military. Because looters & rioters (NOT BLM). I don't want to be online. I don't want to sleep. Growing up, my 90 year old father constantly told me about his experiences growing up and didn't have the same experience I had with Caucasians. I spent my childhood repeating "It's not like that anymore. I have White friends and I work with White people who don't treat me like that..." They also *never* used the N word. Then as I grew up, I noticed things. People assumed things because of the way that I looked. Was surprised at how smart I was, how well spoken. Especially, coming from Harlem. Can they touch my hair? I'm not like some others, I'm a nice girl. My husband was scared crapless when Larry Davis was being hunted, because even though he was 5 shades lighter, he was a black man with an afro, and cops were looking hard at him, while parked all over the Bronx where we lived. The day when at 18/19, was coming home from an office Christmas party with a black guy and two white girls ,(dressed in office Christmas party wear), when the cop threw him against the wall and had guns on us to make sure we didnt interfere. Because he fit the profile. I learned oh, there is racism. Then the nastiness of Obama's presidency. The hatred. Not because he was a bad president, but because he was Black. They attacked his wife because she was Black. Made fun of their looks (monkeys). And, what was concealed and only discussed with your friends at home was being spewed online. We've made fun of presidents as far back as I can remember. But, this was really ugly stuff. And then this ashyhole... Every other day, there is something. Thugs, *poop*hole countries. Rapists. Key words and hyperbole to make certain people hated and despised. the day after election day, people were attacking Muslims and Hispanics in the subway. Spitting, hitting, etc. He does nothing to comfort, just appease & blow smoke up the supporters butts. He's done nothing but try to keep the country divided. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he wasnt as crazy as his campaign made him out to be, because who could be. But, he continues to show exactly who/what he is. I said repeatedly, that he was going to take us backwards to a time before I was even born (60s). And, we're here! Right now. And NOW, when a few months ago he was talking about sitting down and talking to the protesters, he's ready to send in the military. Hoses. Batons. Guns. This is where we are heading. NOT because of BLM. Because of looting & rioting. They are not one & the same. That's some buttholes jumping on the bandwagon. If the cops did their job right, they would arrest them. But, they won't even do that right. They go after peaceful protesters. Drag them out of cars. If the went after the looters, they'd kill them also, when they should be arrested. OK.. this is why I originally didn't want to say anything. I rant & ramble, go sideways and around the topic, and probably didn't make any damb sense. But, I think I need to unplug from social media. I did the whole blackout Tuesday. But, I need a blackout week I think.
  11. Depending on my mood and their SLage, I troll them, talk to them, ignore them. I've been known to take them to get a free RLV collar, tp them to a farm sim, and lock them on a horse or a dog.
  12. I'm one who has multiple alts. Those I'm involved with know I have alts, may meet a few, but will never know all of them. Most of my alts are not active anymore. I only pull them in to test things, or to send me inventory or money. I don't owe anyone an explanation , nor do they owe me one. We only mix SL & RL to a point. We're not expecting any more than what it is.
  13. Thank you for allowing me to join, I had a blast! That pillow fight was rough! Constantly clicking buttons to figure out how to work it was almost as tiring as my fat arse jumping around with a real pillow! 🤣😂😆😅
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