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  1. Thank you for allowing me to join, I had a blast! That pillow fight was rough! Constantly clicking buttons to figure out how to work it was almost as tiring as my fat arse jumping around with a real pillow! 🤣😂😆😅
  2. You must have safe search on 😂😆😅
  3. As a domme,I can promise you that sniffing shoes or even pantyhose are the tamest fetishes I’ve come across.
  4. Is this Sunday brunch? I’ve only been to a few and never realized there was a theme 😂 Guess I need to pay better attention
  5. Crap, I can’t quote your last post. I had to manually copy, so the timestamp is wrong. I noticed that after my comment. Didn’t want to double post. All that moving is giving me whiplash
  6. Just to update, I’m in touch with OP. I believe he’s been talked down and now “sees the light.” At least he knows this is complete bad news.
  7. Because a mod moved it, I believe it was in general discussion originally
  8. You sent me a f/r on Discord weeks ago, and I ignored it because I had no idea who you were or where you found me. I accepted after reading this. I'm willing to "help" you find your way, give advice, etc... NOT domme you. Things like this worry me, because I know (through FB) quite a few boys who were completely taken advantage of because they got sucked into something due to not being able to find someone suitable.
  9. Oh jeez, that poor boy is absolutely new. Im sure you explained to him, but so he can see it in writing... YOU DO NOT OWE ANYONE 100K. They can't force you to pay. That is a ridiculous amount to ask for. I've dabbled in findom, and I'll admit I've demanded/required certain amounts, but never that amount. IF this is something YOU totally want to do because this dominant is 100% worth you supporting her Real Life, then you're not going to make it working inside of SL. You're going to have to do this with your bank's atm card. I've also known unscrupulous findoms who are Very.Serious. about bankrupting the pigs. However there are reputable findoms who will never do this if paying a findom is what your kink is.
  10. In my opinion, cuckolding has to do with humiliation. What you’re describing is a hot wife scenario. Good luck finding someone.
  11. Any romantic relationships I’ve had/will have mixes SL & RL. NEVER to the point that we’re going to get together and live happily ever after. But, I talk about my RL regularly, current and past rl relationships. No matter how good the text, the toons only just don’t do it for me. As a domme, many of the tasks I give are to be done in RL. An ex offered to buy/give me a laptop to replace mine so I could continue to play, and I wouldn’t accept. I ended our SL partnership since I had no idea how long I’d be gone, allowing him to play as he wanted. We remained friends on FB, after he stopped playing SL. Four years later I’m back. I’ve had my subs wear my tag. And, I don’t do any drama. It’s even in my profile that if you’re more drama than fun, you’re gone. The ex of 2010 was the reason, and I’ve had none since him. Even when a relationship ended, it was simply wish you well thing, and remained friends.
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