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  1. Granted. You have more chocolate waffles. It is four hours ago and it is always four hours ago. You will never make plans again. Thanks for disturbing the time continuum. I wish I had a personal slave/assistant I could leave tasks for in SL for when I’m a scent. (I would pay them in imaginary waffles of course) — damn! Spelling counts kids. Damn you autocorrect. I don’t want to be a scent.
  2. Urban Shopping (I'm cheeky like that)
  3. Lionel often voiced envious yearnings WEIRD
  4. But arse licking definitely yields VOMIT (dang, too late) next Don’t ever vilify innocent nerds SMART
  5. Dig and taste exquisite sweetness OFTEN
  6. I am willing to tuck like Buffalo Bill in Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs. I’ll even bring the lotion and the basket!
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