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  1. Marut’s amorous reputation undermines TRUTH
  2. Granted. You start losing weight. You give it all to your partner and they experience fusion for you. I wish dogs lived as long as turtles.
  3. Renata admired dangerous innuendos of KINKS
  4. Granted. SL is now the opposite of your real life. You’re welcome (sticks out tongue) I wish my doctor would prescribe alcohol as a way to help me cure something in my life.
  5. I would buy it to organize my inventory and clothing and have a better marketplace experience. I could use in world time more socially.
  6. Granted. You never run out of things to wish for. They come some fast and furious. This is all you ever do all day. You develop a low self esteem because who in their right mind can handle so many corrupt wishes. I wish we were landing on Mars this year.
  7. Granted. Here is the prequel. Boy goes to circus and sees a clown kill his parents.he becomes It. Wait, or does he become Batman. Excuse me. I only read the first draft. I wish Michael Keaton was Batman again.
  8. Granted. You have a rainbow coloured unicorn. Problem is, you are allergic to it. You break out in a terrible itchy rash and your hair is thinning slowly. I wish I knew how to make the best cheesecake in the world.
  9. Granted. You learn how to fly a drone camera well but only when it’s raining. The photos turn out horrible!! I wish I knew where Pablo Escobar buried some of his money so I can go and dig some out.
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