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  1. Don't avoid incredibly ruckus yokels. F O L K S
  2. Stubborn arms leave everything satiably FRAIL F R A I L DANG IT! Wayne and Howie often overlook WOMEN W O M E N
  3. Just understand my perverted suggestions. P E R V S
  4. Can anyone recommend great oysters? F A R G O well dang... Drive round and forward too! F L A S H
  5. Cast aside strange terrible energy F L O W S
  6. Astronauts believe outer Uranus tickles Sometimes one behaves even raunchier Cannot announce Nick escaped secondlife V E N U S
  7. Head over to Ethan’s freakhouse! C L O W N
  8. Dancing rudely undermines naked kisses BEERS
  9. REEKS remember, every elf knows Santa BRAWL
  10. NOSES Never overestimate Seduction, especially sensuality. MUTED
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