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  1. On 8/11/2020 at 12:36 AM, Rolig Loon said:

    I agree.  In fact, I feel the same way about hearing a person's RL voice.  I have a mental image of each person I meet in SL.  My mind fills in characteristics that the person's avatar appearance does not provide, much the same way that my mind fills in characteristics of characters in novels i read.  I "know" what each person sounds like, and it's terribly jarring to hear a completely different voice than the one my mind created for someone.  It's like suddenly learning that Snow White's voice really sounds like Donald Duck.  For that reason, I avoid ever using Voice in SL unless I have absolutely no choice, and I have been fortunate to have no close friends who use it.  I don't care to know what my SL friends look like in RL either, and I won't share my image with them.

    Some years ago, my job entailed lots of phone calls to other locations of my company. I had daily contact with three people in one distant office, and one person in another office. Over months of contact we built up an amazing rapport. Eventually the three came over for a team meeting and I met them at the railway station. The experience was quite difficult. Obviously they looked nothing like my brains construct, but we found that face to face, the dynamic was different. We never did that again.

    Later , I visited the single person for a meeting. She was much older than I imagined, but what might be described by some as a cougar, and a lovely person. With her, our dynamic was unchanged face to face.

    So you never know. Had she been closer we might have become good friends.

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  2. I'm with Lewis on this subject, although I think it gets way more complex. 

    Friends list is always compromised by time zones first and foremost. Example I have a friend in California. We managed to explore D/S briefly despite timings. Now we rarely meet but regularly IM as I leave and she gets up. 

    I would say that at any time, less than ten percent of my friends list is in world. I don't chat to them all every day. And I'm busy in world and so are they. 

    So its multi layered. Some are just contacts I enjoy chatting with occasionally. Some are old friends who are always there if I need them. Sometimes I do. Some I let use my house as home base. Some have not been in world on my watch for months. Some I just meet for photos.

    Then there are my close orbit friends. The ones I do meet in world. The ones I collaborate with. The ones I share SL ideals with. The ones I chat with every day. These become part of the fabric of the SL experience. This is what makes SL so immersive. 

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  3. Finding a fix for the neck seam really is the holy grail of SL.

    Demo to death is the only way, and realistically this will never be 100% right.

    A skin maker who gets it 100% right with every tone and every head and every body will make a lot of money......

    That's the problem.


  4. I'm really attached to my look, which won't change much because its who I am here.

    But my alts allow me to change my look. It's odd because when I'm me, I think of them as real sisters. But when I'm any one of them, I become them and my behaviour changes subtly. It's very unexpected. The brain is strange indeed.


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  5. More progress with my male avi design. 

    He's "smart casual", and just to make it clear, he is not my Malt, I'm just acting as consultant.....yeah...that's right....me!

    How about that. 

    Shopping for guy clothes is really tough going. And it all seems expensive to what I'm used to.

    This is a complete outfit from Hoorenbeek, and looks amazing. if you're into smart casual that is.............. 😜


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  6. Ok, so I've thought about making a Malt from time to time, but I just couldn't summon the enthusiasm. Until a few days ago a friend asked me if I would help him make a new avi. Well, how could I say no? But what do I know about guy avis????

    My first job was researching and so I read Skell's Virtual Bloke blog, and asked him about skins. I also asked some of the Angels who have dabbled in Malts.

    So here after three days is the work in progress of my friends new avi. There is still work to do, but I'm happy with how it's going. Due to my limited knowledge of BoM, this avi is applier based, That might change, Body is Signature Geralt, the head is Catwa Victor.

    See what you think.






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  7. 20 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Forums go through cycles.  It doesn't take more than a couple of cranky people to stir the pot, especially during stressful times (like this CoVid 19 season).  I suggest taking the long view. Ignore those odd voices, many of whom will get tired and fade away or get distracted by other activities.  Some of them are just looking for buttons to push, so don't let them push yours.  Those of us who have been around for a few years have lived through these bumpy patches and outlived (or come to peace with) a lot of people who have yanked our chains.  Sometimes they mellow, too, and sometimes they can surprise you by goading you into looking at the world in new, interesting ways.  🙃

    Thank you Rolig, for some good advice. After ignoring one or two buzz-flies, I already feel better, and the forums are much better.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    If you ever found out what that duck was for, please don't tell.

    The duck might have been as a result of either being hard of hearing, or not paying enough attention to orders..........................................

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  9. I don't have the benefit of knowing what the forums were like beyond a couple of years back, but I do know that the ambience here is on a downward spiral, and has been like that for a while.

    It should be a fun place to hang out, but when confrontations erode that appeal, people walk away, and that's happening right now.

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