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  1. This week I've had some bake fails, a shape not found in database, my foot size reduced to zero, failing to rezz my head, one shoe and some items of clothing, and saving outfits not working properly. As well as TP crashes and having to refresh attachments after a TP.

    So, nothing out of the ordinary then.

    Stuff like this spooked me at the start. Now I just shrug, try a relog, and deal with it.

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  2. Christmas Day 2019 was the last time my mother came over, so this year it will be bittersweet. She really shouldn't have come over last year as she was in a pretty bad way, but made it with some help.

    So this year I won't be visiting her Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day will be strange. Having said that, my small family will be over, making five of us in total, and we will hug and celebrate as normal. We are all isolating as much as possible anyway. The turkey is on order.

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  3. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by so many huds.

    I keep a Word file with all my shape slider numbers recorded. I can remember which skin I use currently.

    So knowing which head, body and skin I'm using, plus the slider numbers means I can restore should the worst happen.

    Aside from that, you should organise your inventory, by adding new folders in which you can put heads, bodies, skins, and then clothing etc etc, so it's easy to navigate.

    Hope that helps.

  4. I've never been bored in SL.

    Maybe I was lucky. I just live a life here. I made a few friends within a few days, because I chat a lot. I was given somewhere to live, and later I was given somewhere bigger. Now I have a house and houseboat which I enjoy furnishing. I share a part sim with three other forumites. We talk every day. I shop constantly. I make and manage my alts.I have a boat. I love dancing and hanging out at the beach. I take photos. I could spend twice the time in world easily, but real life limits my time. 

    The tech stuff I leave for others. I don't need a quest. I have more than enough to do.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Well no, but that's not why I mentioned outfits; there's no requirement to save a new outfit whether the change of makeup is by BOM or by applier. The difference is, in this case of changing makeup, I'd find it hopeless to guess which applier in my Inventory applied the makeup I now want to change; in contrast. with BoM, I know just by looking at what's worn in the Current Outfit pseudo-folder.

    But I'm not trying to be argumentative; rather I think I just don't understand what you meant by "[w]ith an applier you put a hud on and can see what you're putting...."

    I work SL by keeping saved outfits. It can be laborious, but is also a lot of fun. Appliers affected each one so I used limited make up and lingerie across all my outfits, which currently number 200.

    With BoM, I've set up each outfit with bespoke make up and lingerie, and all this is recorded on a Word file, including indexes for eye shadow, and lipstick. I don't tend to vary make up on a single outfit, so now this is all set up, its job done and I can just tweak around the edges.

    Some people don't work that way and assemble an outfit on the day. If you don't keep adequate records of what you have, or if your inventory is a mess, it will never be easy with appliers or BoM.

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  6. First I resisted Mesh. It looked scary. I got help. It wasn't scary at all. It was a giant leap.

    Then I resisted BoM. How could this be better than appliers? It looked scary. I got help. It wasn't scary at all. It was a giant leap.

    Now I can save make up and lingerie to each outfit. I can layer up so chosing an outfit is so much more fun.

    I really don't care about the technicalities. It's more fun. Simple as that. And you can use old system skins. And other stuff.

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  7. I've hit a corrupt shape snag.  Yesterday I found that clothing was not saving to an outfit, and some outfits were showing "Unsaved Changes" in the upper left corner even after saving.

    I relogged to find I was wearing two outfits. I fixed that but the system is telling me it can't find my shape in the database.

    I've saved a new shape and worn it on a few outfits, but I have almost 200 saved outfits. Am I right in thinking this won't clear until every saved outfit has my new shape? 

    What's the solution please?  I'm struggling.  Or is it a database issue?

  8. Hanging out with fashionistas/shopping addicts/ photo obsessives remains a bad influence on me.

    This is today's new skin. Pumec Annushka (June Colour), which comes with Genus Head and body layers (Plus appliers if you need them). I rarely change skins, so it's a big deal.



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  9. 26 minutes ago, Drakonadrgora Darkfold said:

    they were just doing what you yourself was doing.. ignoring the lockdown... so they are no more at fault for being there either.

    picking up your car or not you were still ignoring the lockdown too.

    its funny when people complain about what others were doing when they were doing it themselves too.

    Pay attention DD, and listen to Uncle Skell.

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  10. I have a problem with colours which fall outside the usual rainbow, plus silver, gold and black. In fact blue is a rare colour in my outfits, and I avoid purple.

    So I could stretch to eight maybe.

  11. A lot we know make and justify their own rules. Meeting for coffee. Having friends round. Going to shopping malls as normal. One couple in their 80s go to the city by train every week for groceries, when the local store is a ten minute walk away. One couple go to the pub, then go for an eat in chinese meal....until this lockdown. Some are still flying, and justifying this by saying where they are going is safer than the UK.

    We do groceries once a week at 7am.

    We get online deliveries for heavier stuff.

    Our only exposure is our family childcare bubble, which comprises three, including the toddler.  My family are key workers, but mostly working at home. That's the extent of our risk taking.

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  12. As @Scylla Rhiadra remarked, Scapa Flow was and is a remarkable place, playing a pivotal role in both world wars. Anyone interested in history will know something about the Battle of Jutland in WW1, and Scapa Flow was the location of a revenge U Boat attack on the fleet early in WW2. The ship is huge and although I'm standing on the bridge, I'm lost to the scale.



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