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  1. Hello My name Is Summer, But my middle Name Is Dior I’m very new To sl About a Month in and I’m looking for work I’m a very fast learner I will do anything I just need something to get Me started. I’m Very loving and Is Great With People.
  2. Hey guys, my names Miami . I’m 20 years old and currently looking for a new job., A little about myself: I am online half of the time and would consider myself a very friendly and open person. I am non-judge mental and always willing to explore and make new friends. I aim to provide great conversation and a great team player. I respect everyone no matter what race, status, or orientation. I am interesting in looking for a job that respects that I do not voice nor cam. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my page and have a great day! If there any questions please don’t hesitate to a
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