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  1. My makeover looks 24. Much preferred as it is closer to base.
  2. According to starbyface Not sure I see it, I'll have to look a little longer lol
  3. That's very true, actually. It's easier to be a bit more extroverted on SL, though I still struggle with my predisposition even in a virtual landscape from time to time. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. I've been going to some new spots attempting to make friends and will continue to do so, but I figured why not just post on here to hopefully double my chances? In RL I'm an adult female in my twenties, and this extends to my SL avi too. I'm bit of a homebody, again in RL and SL. I spend hours and hours at my parcel just going through the things I've bought and playing virtual Barbie dress up (honestly my favorite thing to do in this game!). My IMs are always open though as I don't mind chatting while I'm mucking with my inventory, shopping on MP, or idling while I alt-tab. It should al
  5. Firestorm says I'm 5.8 feet/1.77 meters My avatar is an adult female human. Edit: newest look stands at 6.61 feet/2.02 meters
  6. Update: Yep, was looking me right in the face. Subfolder called Catwa Alpha Pack [Use for BOM]
  7. I feel like the answer should be obvious, like it might be staring me in the face, but I can't grasp it. Long story short: I got BOM to work on my Maitreya body will little fuss. BUT the guide I followed said to remove all alphas. Okay, no problem. What is a problem is that with no alphas my bento face is being eaten by a standard face. So I'm sporting two very different skin tones on my face only. I know the answer is probably simply, and I might kick myself later for not realizing it, but any help to save my poor brain? It would be most appreciated!
  8. I've always got INFP-T no matter how many times I take the test, or how many years seems to pass between the retakes either. I guess I'm just really INFP. Honestly it fits me like a glove so I don't know why I want one of the "cooler" results. I think that says something about my mindset haha.
  9. Both. Any type of roleplay. There's too many styles for me to pick out just one so I'll just lump them all together.
  10. From what I've encountered thus far it seems more people RP than not. At least from the places I've visited. Of course I'm thinking this varies heavily by community, but I'm curious who on the forums is big into RP. Not any particular RP, just role-playing in general. I've tired it, it's personally not for me but I've always admired the amount of creativity and time the serious roleplayers anywhere put into their characters and backstories.
  11. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me. A person has been found
  12. I've noticed a lot of Studios/photographers either have *Not Accepting New Clients* or are seemingly away from SL, and the few I found that didn't fall into these categories preferred events, fantasy and couples. I'm just looking for a portrait all by my lonesome, preferably full-body to be used as my profile picture. I thought I would send out the signal here to see if anyone might be interested. If your prices reasonable or even similar to other studios I've visited, and you have some pics to show then we'll probably work along just fine. Message me in-world, preferably! Thank you!💗
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