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  1. HI Aty2018 do you use mama allpa? , I am a certified mama allpa doctor and run my own clinic. Mama allpa staff work by appointments only. If you use mama allpa go to the main store and by the waterfalls is a board of all active official mama allpa doctors, take your time to read each profile as we all work differently and message who you think suits you, as in time zone etc. Once you have messaged a doctor or two, do wait up to 48hrs for a response. Mama Allpa services are free of charge If you do not use mama allpa then there are many paid for and sometimes free clinics in world , do be careful when using them , SOME NOT ALL have been known to charge ridiculously high amounts of lindens or even been known to take your money and disappear. Do your homework, ask questions and use a reputable clinic, there are plenty of great clinics and doctors out there. Good luck with your pregnancy .
  2. Medical receptionist required for a busy Mama Allpa clinic run by a Mama Allpa Certified doctor . i am needing another AM receptionist between the hours of 7amslt until 12pmslt only . You will be required to pick up 2-3 shifts a week each lasting two hours between those hours above. Your duties would be to meet and greet patients , book patients in and change bookings if and when needed, add people to the group and manage my booking calendars . A team player is a must as you would be working with other members of my team and a minimum of 3 yrs customer service is required. You are not permitted to discuss my patients with anyone out of the clinic so confidentiality is a must .It is a paid hourly role of 250ls per hour and a formal dress code is required smart office wear attire , no mini skirts, low cut tops etc or silly display names, human species only and only avatars over 90 days will only also be considered . if you pass the first interview with me you will be brought in to meet my senior receptionist and my clinic Secretary and upon acceptance of a job offer you will be put onto a two week trial period . If you think you got what it takes, then IM me ( not notecards) and tell me why i should consider you . Only apply if you can work within the hours above. I know what i am looking for , i will be seeing if your persona and experience is what i am seeking . If i dont get back to you then your application has not been successful. Dr D Hilite (legacy name Demi Meridoc)
  3. Firstly I am yet to find someone for my creative needs, i am seeking someone who can design my company name onto a nice picture full perms to use for all advertising . I am also needing my company name to be able to be customised to go onto goody bags /clothing , when i say clothing scrubs,(doctor uniform ) I am also seeking a part time position for a medical receptionist, take bookings and deal with walk ins , this is a hourly paid role (but not near rl hourly wages, min of 200ls per hour at no more than 6 hours a week) depending on the person , their experience, those numbers will be confirmed at interview. (no Avs under 60 days old) and knowledge of mama allpa is needed, when i say knowledge i mean you know of it and understand what it is . Do you have great customer skills , are you good at arranging appointments , being discreet, advertising the company ?, then contact me . If you are interested do message me in-world with your name/experience ,, my IMs go to email .
  4. looks awesome , where is that house from?
  5. Hi im looking for someone who can customise clothing / signs etc with our business name . if you can assist can you please contact me in world where i can explain further to what we need and your pricing costs etc . Thank you
  6. Got a small parcel size 3120, not a huge job just need someone to level it and island it off for me. i decided with no terraform skills to have a go and well its a mess now:) online for next few hours, message me in world if you can help. Thanks
  7. As a huge fan of true blood watched every single episode, yup i love it lol, i was wondering is there a good rp sim similar to that, when i say similar to that i mean really good storyline between human/vamps with a good mix of shapeshifters and lycans . I did have a brief look on here for any vamp rp sims but could not find what i was after , so apologies in advance if this is duplicated .
  8. Hi there, im sorry im not going to be much help , but i had to say i have had the same problem, i too use X4 and got prompted for a update when i logged on , i went to the store and to upgrades did what it says to do, but no option i can find either on my hud to upgrade . I would say i have an advanced knowledge of things like this, but this has me stumped. But i may well contact the X4 customer support and see if they can help, maybe that would also be your best option too. Demi
  9. I have noticed that recently when i go to log in on a third party viewer, that my password is there there even though i state each time for it to not to remeber me which auto unchecks each of the two boxes . can anyone let me know why is this? thanks in advance
  10. Hi Bloodkitty. Firstly i suggest you to go to a site called "can i run it " go to google type that in it comes up straightaway. Simply type secondlife in and it will test your specs and let you know if it passes or fails, if it fails it will tell you why. Secondly if lets say it passes then as already mentioned could be a possible driver problem. I spent a lot of money on those driver updates programs and was a total waste of money , so i would suggest not even wasting your time with that . I had a driver problem where i kept getting video card error messages when running SL. I did all the driver checks , and each time came up as up to date , i knew it wasnt as it was dated 2005. In the end i went to a profesional tecnical person who told me to unistall my video card totally , as on boot up windows will automatically search for a new driver. I did that and on boot up it started the driver wizard and downloaded me a nice videocard 2010 driver . Problem solved for me ! I hope you get it sorted Demi
  11. Thankyou, i be sure to get in touch
  12. Oh im a sucker for a romantic tune or two. But at the monent i do love this one . Lady Antebellum , Just a Kiss And my other fav one at the moment , sorry i decided to be greedy by selecting two is daughtry .What about now
  13. Hi Vixen , feel free to Im me inworld if you like. I have a small group of friends around me (all over 35 ) We tend to hang out relax , talk, love live music events . Be nice to have another on board , can never have too many good friends hey Have a great weekend Demi
  14. Hiya have a question regarding my prim nails which i have worn daily with never any problems , until i was rping and wore a weapon which took off the nails where it atached too. I re attached the nails for that hand by clicking add to worn but it has them floating around the wrist . I have somehow broke them :/ anyone help they are my fav nails Thankyou in advance
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