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  1. I dont know much about the work in SL and how much i would get!!! Thts why im asking
  2. I see is not easy getting some work in SL!!!
  3. Still looking for work in SL!!!!
  4. Hello there since im still New in SL 78 Days old, i would like to find a Job in SL!!! I worked in a other 3D chat as a Model before!!! Would even like to try Escort, but since i dont know really much Sim in SL i would like to get someone who give me a hand and little help!! If there is something you want to know write me a PM!!
  5. The comments im getting here dont help me at all, i really would like that this post will be delete but i dont know how!!
  6. Please dont comment on this post here anymore!!!
  7. milania15 sorry but what your saying is wrong, i dont find anything from this and this gentlemens club you cant enter!!!
  8. Still looking for a SugaDaddy on SL and i wont give up!!!!
  9. Hello there!!!! Im new in SL and looking for a SugaDaddy, Im not new with this SugaDaddy thing because in a other 3D Chat i had one already, now im on SL and would like to find one!! If someone is interested you can get to know me more, write me or add inworld on SL!!! What can i say more, my Avatar is looking Asian, i like to Roleplay, i like cute and sexy stuff (Clothes Toys etc.) So if you want to know me, just write me im sometimes a little shy, sometimes be a bad Girl ^^
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