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    Tan my skin

    Thank u so much to all , i understand better now why my idea was not good thank you very much for giving me some of your time to answer me
  2. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    thank you for your quick responses,Ceka and Talligurl , but I would like to create my own tanning marks myself. That's why I thought I'd stay master of my appearance by adding a layer in my original's photoshop file in addition of my own tattoos .
  3. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    Hello , with the sun i want to tan my white skin .... my skin was made by deetalez , not modify , but i did my own tattoo with omega applier on my maitreya and belleza mesh body and lelutka head , i try to make a brown layer with a few opppacity in addition of my tattoo but the look was not good . Where can i find a good layer to add in my PSD file (on photoshop) to work on it and make tanned mark Thank u so much for your help Sorry for my poor english .. Jade www.jadedoet.fr.nf
  4. jdoet

    Post your Video page link.

    Hello , mine is here : I am waiting you ! ^o^ Kisses .... Jade Doet