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  1. bonjour alexia , c'est vrais que pour des talons surtout si les chaussures sont ouvertes ( peau apparente ) les pieds mesh sont plus jolis (surtout quand on enleve les chaussures ) avant je t'aurais dit de prendre des pieds slinks sur ton avatar classique mais je pense quand meme que le corps entier est un meilleur investissement . pour les talons il faut que les pieds soit en mode high , dispo sur les hud des corps mesh les chaussures doivent etre prévues pour la marque du corps , c'est pour ca que dans ce cas tu n'aura pas besoin de l'alfa de la chaussure biensur je répond pas à ta question le budget etant nettement plus que tes 500L$ mais peut etre saura tu en jouant les gagner ( il n'y a pas de motherload comme sur les sims hihi ) une wishlist dans dans ton profil peut etre une bonne solution parfois aussi une fois que tu aura un corps mesh qui te convient et qui soit assez fréquent pour s'habiller facilement , les events et les gifts des magasins te permettront de fournir ta garde robe a moindre frais ^o^ bon SL kisses
  2. 1000 pictures later ... OMG i was so innocent 😈
  3. Thank you again for your help Kyra and Gingir , I have certainly misunderstood (grrr my poor english ) how to use the "bind to armature", because setting on "meshes" and not on "bones" as I had seen in a video, I have a better result! here is what I get now: what do you advise me to improve this without having to use the alfas of the maitreya hud? I really hope not to pollute the forum with my questions of newbie, but I did not find an answer in the French part of the forum to learn and have the same menus of tutorials video i use blender 2.75 and avatar 1.7.1
  4. hello, so newbie in creating clothes for maitreya I started trying to create a t-shirt from Marvelous designer then imported to blender and finally saved with avastar to upload to SL, I still find myself with this problem my teeshirt so it's stuck to my lara dev kit clothes under blender, is not in SL: it's probably a problem of newbie, but if someone could tell me what I forget, it would be nice. as many videos are in English and I'm french, I have a little trouble following them , but i try ^o^ thank you so much for your help
  5. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    Thank u so much to all , i understand better now why my idea was not good thank you very much for giving me some of your time to answer me
  6. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    thank you for your quick responses,Ceka and Talligurl , but I would like to create my own tanning marks myself. That's why I thought I'd stay master of my appearance by adding a layer in my original's photoshop file in addition of my own tattoos .
  7. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    Hello , with the sun i want to tan my white skin .... my skin was made by deetalez , not modify , but i did my own tattoo with omega applier on my maitreya and belleza mesh body and lelutka head , i try to make a brown layer with a few opppacity in addition of my tattoo but the look was not good . Where can i find a good layer to add in my PSD file (on photoshop) to work on it and make tanned mark Thank u so much for your help Sorry for my poor english .. Jade www.jadedoet.fr.nf
  8. Hello , mine is here : I am waiting you ! ^o^ Kisses .... Jade Doet
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