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  1. Hello! I am seeking a scripter to cast their magical mumbo-jumbo, and call to the demonic arts of LSL (Or is it SLS??) What's the opportunity? To script a two part AO hud that to control both an attached animesh avatar component, as well as the avatar (think normal avatar upper body, animesh lower body) in a way that will allow RP action buttons, animation syncing for all movements, and synced ground sits. Ideally in a way that's low lag, OR have the option to be low lag, minimal function, like a simple movement AO, with a ground sit override. And one last note. Core code need not be
  2. UPDATE:: The AO hud, and the animesh code are not communicating. I will need to do a few things--- 1) establish a llRegionSayTo and a llListen, 2) Make it so the regionsay toggles along with the HUD's "SitAnywhere_ON/SitAnywhere_Off" true/false thingy
  3. Okay, so, here's the gist:: I am making an animesh attachment for my avatar to wear. I am using the Zhao-II as the animesh's core code--- AND wearing a Zhao-II coded AO, I'll refer to them as Zhao-Avatar, and Zhao-Animesh to avoid confusion later. I also will fully admit I know next to NOTHING about LL scripting. THE PROBLEM:: When I enable the ground sit button on the Zhao-Avatar, the animesh does not recognize the changed state, and doesn't play the correct animation. When I click the ground, and select "Sit Here" the animesh DOES play the correct animation, because it recognizes the
  4. I'm not sure this has been asked yes, and please accept my apology for not reading through the 31 pages of replies to this topic..... I did try to search for keywords before askin. How will Bakes On Mesh affect things like non-human avatars?
  5. Topic edited to be more Sign language inclusive. This request is for people who don't fully manage, or don't manage at all with closed captions.
  6. Idealy, I'd love to see the option for ALL sign language. Also, not all hearing impaired work well with text. The person in particular seems to struggle with text, BUT the subtitles could be added in the mean time.
  7. Hello! As we all know, Second Life is all about having an experience-- an enjoyable one! But that's not entirely what this topic is about; this topic is a request for help. I'll start by saying that I am not paid or endorsed in any way by anyone. I merely want to help. There is someone in one of my groups that is not getting an enjoyable experience out of SL, specifically, learning to be a content creator for SL. They are deaf, and do not learn well by text alone, or even image guided text. Video isn't very helpful either. Instead of us getting frustrated, as anyone can understandably be wh
  8. I can see that for someone using a child avatar, yes... but what about adult avatars? I mainly meant that unless there is anything of a sexual nature going on, the kid avi is just.... a kid... normal to any family rp going on that doesn't involve a BDSM dynamic... I think, however, the OP is looking for a sexualized dynamic, otherwise the need to state the mom as being sexy wouldn't of existed. And yes, lewd and sexual natures should right be kept as far away from actual, or depictions of children. I am not arguing that fact at all! Or arguing in general. I just wanted to make it clear that
  9. I'm following this as I too am a new content creator (at least new to the attempt to sell), and highly appreciate the advice.
  10. Okay... Let me, as some who started life female and made the transition to male, express my two cents worth..... The first problem I see with this post is that there is an expectation you should be good at attracting people in a romantic matter. How would you say that's quantified? The second is that most female identified people I know don't like being referred to as 'Gals', 'Girls', 'Chicks' or 'Babes'. They are Women. Addressing men as men, and women as anything less than grown adults is part of the whole 'lesser than' thing that exists, but I won't go into the more deeply ingrained poin
  11. As someone with real-world BDSM experience, Baby-Girls/Boys (or Littles as they are called in the scene) is not a violation of the TOS. It is a legally aged individual who takes on the mental state and or emotional state of a child, in order to fulfill escapism, and to relinquish responsibility of maturity for a time. In a sense, the easiest way for non-kink people to understand the kink dynamic (I myself may not fully understand it, so please correct me anywhere I am wrong!) is one very similar to real-world adults taking care of other adults who have slipped into senility (only light-hearted
  12. The main thing I love to do is create characters. I'm one of those people who apply for characters in a sim like every week (well, not really). I think the avatar creation will certainly be my specialty. That being said, some other points that have been spoken about are also helpful. I can create avatars all I want, but clothing will be hard. I may have gone to school for Fashion Design, but that doesn't mean my poor laptop can do Cloth Simulation justice! I'll make dev kits for clothing people. There may be no one interested in making clothing for a drider, but I'd still feel better if I left
  13. Since this post isn't a debate on what makes a sim good or not, or who knows what and who doesn't, that's quite alright. As far as lecture, no, I merely replied to your list of demands with why I don't see them as possible. I fully admit they may be, but I know it's probably more than just people being lazy and not providing the wants and needs of ever single person that asks for it. I may be completely wrong, but until you provide me with such facts, verified and backed up by more than your own personal standings, or your **** as you say, I can not progress from my own understanding of things
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