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  1. UPDATE:: The AO hud, and the animesh code are not communicating. I will need to do a few things--- 1) establish a llRegionSayTo and a llListen, 2) Make it so the regionsay toggles along with the HUD's "SitAnywhere_ON/SitAnywhere_Off" true/false thingy
  2. Okay, so, here's the gist:: I am making an animesh attachment for my avatar to wear. I am using the Zhao-II as the animesh's core code--- AND wearing a Zhao-II coded AO, I'll refer to them as Zhao-Avatar, and Zhao-Animesh to avoid confusion later. I also will fully admit I know next to NOTHING about LL scripting. THE PROBLEM:: When I enable the ground sit button on the Zhao-Avatar, the animesh does not recognize the changed state, and doesn't play the correct animation. When I click the ground, and select "Sit Here" the animesh DOES play the correct animation, because it recognizes the avatar has changed animation states. THE QUESTION:: What do I change in the Zhao-Animesh to recognize the HUD button on the Zhao-Avatar's AO?
  3. I'm not sure this has been asked yes, and please accept my apology for not reading through the 31 pages of replies to this topic..... I did try to search for keywords before askin. How will Bakes On Mesh affect things like non-human avatars?
  4. Topic edited to be more Sign language inclusive. This request is for people who don't fully manage, or don't manage at all with closed captions.
  5. Idealy, I'd love to see the option for ALL sign language. Also, not all hearing impaired work well with text. The person in particular seems to struggle with text, BUT the subtitles could be added in the mean time.
  6. Hello! As we all know, Second Life is all about having an experience-- an enjoyable one! But that's not entirely what this topic is about; this topic is a request for help. I'll start by saying that I am not paid or endorsed in any way by anyone. I merely want to help. There is someone in one of my groups that is not getting an enjoyable experience out of SL, specifically, learning to be a content creator for SL. They are deaf, and do not learn well by text alone, or even image guided text. Video isn't very helpful either. Instead of us getting frustrated, as anyone can understandably be when language barriers are involved, I figured I'd reach out and see if anyone was willing to help. Tutorials all across Youtube, and the internet in general are a fantastic resource, but mostly for the hearing. I was hoping there might be at least one person who'd be willing to get with people like Avastar (who one of the moderators thought was a fantastic idea) to do Sign Language translations for the instructions going on in the video. I'm sure it would make a world of difference for this one person in the group, and likely MANY more. And it would be awesome if it could go beyond Avastar, and branch out into other tutorials pertinent to SL. PLEASE, let me know if you're able to do this! I don't know Sign Language (yet) but I'm hoping to learn, and help. Thanks.
  7. I can see that for someone using a child avatar, yes... but what about adult avatars? I mainly meant that unless there is anything of a sexual nature going on, the kid avi is just.... a kid... normal to any family rp going on that doesn't involve a BDSM dynamic... I think, however, the OP is looking for a sexualized dynamic, otherwise the need to state the mom as being sexy wouldn't of existed. And yes, lewd and sexual natures should right be kept as far away from actual, or depictions of children. I am not arguing that fact at all! Or arguing in general. I just wanted to make it clear that because some choose to express a BDSM dynamic in a sexual manner does not make that dynamic as a whole a sexual thing.
  8. I'm following this as I too am a new content creator (at least new to the attempt to sell), and highly appreciate the advice.
  9. Okay... Let me, as some who started life female and made the transition to male, express my two cents worth..... The first problem I see with this post is that there is an expectation you should be good at attracting people in a romantic matter. How would you say that's quantified? The second is that most female identified people I know don't like being referred to as 'Gals', 'Girls', 'Chicks' or 'Babes'. They are Women. Addressing men as men, and women as anything less than grown adults is part of the whole 'lesser than' thing that exists, but I won't go into the more deeply ingrained points of misogyny. So I'm guessing many more beyond those that I know dislike it as well. The other issue that so many of the replies seem to miss is this--- what's so wrong with just asking? Like, seriously. "Ya know, I really fancy you, but I can't tell by your replies to my advances if you fancy me too. Do you?" This is the foundation, right here, of communication. Straight out the door. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SACRED ---- just ask. Save yourself the guess work, save yourself and her the assumptions, and just ask. Another issue is part of the misogyny I won't go too deeply into but women ABSOLUTELY must test men. Our culture has shown repeatedly that its vital to survival... At the end of the day, a women getting rejected by a man will only end in hurt feelings... but a man getting rejected by a women has a HUGE possibility of the women getting her character completely smeared, being physically assaulted (sexually or non-sexually) or murdered. Let that soak in. A LARGE majority of women around the world live in fear of what happens if they step out of line in the eyes of men. I'm now 100% visually passing, and accepted as male in the social world (when they don't know I'm trans) but I still very validly fear men. It's a sad fact of life for the majority of those who've been raised female, or actively live as female. So, to copy someone else's reply: Don't be that guy. Ask. Accept the boundaries given you when they are spoken. Learn what 'No' looks like in body language when words say one thing (because of fear of being harmed for saying no or anything close to no). Be a responsible male. Also... Why was it important that we know what she's doing, and your opinion on it? That's her business, not any of ours. Your update could have just been "She wasn't into me." But you went and smeared her image, whether or not it was clean to begin with. That is, in my opinion, a clear indication of your upset with her for not being how you wanted her to be. End of my two-cents
  10. As someone with real-world BDSM experience, Baby-Girls/Boys (or Littles as they are called in the scene) is not a violation of the TOS. It is a legally aged individual who takes on the mental state and or emotional state of a child, in order to fulfill escapism, and to relinquish responsibility of maturity for a time. In a sense, the easiest way for non-kink people to understand the kink dynamic (I myself may not fully understand it, so please correct me anywhere I am wrong!) is one very similar to real-world adults taking care of other adults who have slipped into senility (only light-hearted, rather than incredibly sad.) Like Puppy/Pony play. There is a misrepresentation that all kink is centered around sex, when really, it's not. Sex may have a lot to do with how people express kink, but BDSM is more about the dynamic of power, and the taking/surrendering of it in a consensual manner. It is NOT playing on a desire for child pornography or pedophilia. And as someone who also has a parent who took some criminal psychology during their Masters program.... Someone into children wouldn't likely be attracted to an adult acting or dressing like a child, at least not in a long-term sense. It tends to be brief, and creates a lot of frustration. Imagine being addicted to soda, but there is only water--- and you never lose your craving for soda... The water will work to quench your thirst, sure, but it will do NOTHING to fulfill your longing. In the real world, the adults are still adults, no matter how they dress or act. IF they are using child avatars, then yes, it may skirt the TOS--- but only if sex is involved. That being said... I'm not sure why the need was to specify that the person looking for the daughter is sexy. Just chiming in my, possibly way off in left field, two cents worth.
  11. The main thing I love to do is create characters. I'm one of those people who apply for characters in a sim like every week (well, not really). I think the avatar creation will certainly be my specialty. That being said, some other points that have been spoken about are also helpful. I can create avatars all I want, but clothing will be hard. I may have gone to school for Fashion Design, but that doesn't mean my poor laptop can do Cloth Simulation justice! I'll make dev kits for clothing people. There may be no one interested in making clothing for a drider, but I'd still feel better if I left that option available. Thank you very much for this reminder. In the end, that's something I've fought very hard for. I just want to feel good about what I do, what I make, and the most important thing beyond that, is that it helps bring to life other people's dreams. It adds to their atmosphere. Helps them express themselves more.
  12. Since this post isn't a debate on what makes a sim good or not, or who knows what and who doesn't, that's quite alright. As far as lecture, no, I merely replied to your list of demands with why I don't see them as possible. I fully admit they may be, but I know it's probably more than just people being lazy and not providing the wants and needs of ever single person that asks for it. I may be completely wrong, but until you provide me with such facts, verified and backed up by more than your own personal standings, or your **** as you say, I can not progress from my own understanding of things. This isn't being argumentative, by the way, this is me asking for explanation devoid of emotional response. @Skell Dagger - I've been text based for 20 years now.... I started on WotC's rp chatroom back when I was 11. I love the necessity to use one's imagination, as it helps drive thoughtful rp. Though, I do love me some props. Since this topic has derailed a bit, though it would make for a fantastic thread of its own, I'd love to see it get back on track.... So far we have:: Low LI furniture Period/genre clothing beyond just medieval or modern Objects that can be interacted with Women's clothing that is more appropriate More playable races beyond what is currently available If I've missed anything, let me know! If we can't pull the conversation back to the original point, then I may consider having it closed. Thank you all for participating, and here's hoping for more, constructive, input.
  13. Eh... I'd rather just listen to Cumberbatch. Jason Momoa is.... boring. He's the same person in every roll I've seen him play-- except in Game of Thrones where he barely spoke and when he did it wasn't in english, so that was somewhat different.
  14. 1) That may be difficult, because not all sims can handle heavy script use items such as metered combat systems, or script driven items like that one fishing spear (which is totally cool)... I've never been to a high traffic (40+ people on at once) area that used more than just dice huds, as well as had large amounts of interactive props) but I'd imagine they would be quite laggy. 2) Again, the reason a lot of items are stationary/non-interactive is that helps keep sim lag down. I've been to sims with a bunch of interactive things, and they were empty, I've been to sims with no interactive things, and they were full... It's a hit or miss. Like most things in SL, tastes can change on a dime. Animesh is coming and that will certainly help things a lot, and give more interactivity to the environments. I don't think that the activity level is a lack of options, but more a lack of interest. When you spend a lot of time making a cool sim and no one wants to take advantage, or you have to struggle with your players to actually take part in daily/weekly/monthly quests... It's not for lack of trying. However, I'll keep the idea of interactive items in mind 3) Same as above, but I'd personally would settle for better animations in the few animated items people choose to make use of. 4) People's want to do things despite never having done them before, or for not having many resources available (here I sit with a referb laptop, just barely able to do what I want it to do, and no money to really get my projects underway in areas I'm unable to manage on my own, but I still dedicate long hours for what I CAN do.) is a huge testament to how special they are. On multiple occasions I've reached out to makers and asked how they do this, or how they do that... I've been in groups doing the same thing. It's hit or miss if anyone actually talks to me. You're asking people to only do things if they are being apprenticed--- but who decides if the person they are learning under is sufficient enough at what they do 'for a living'? I didn't learn everything I know from someone else. I learned some things by making mistakes, or by not knowing the 'right' way and stumbled on a 'good/great/amazing' way to do things. And on the flip side. Some people can have all the 'expert' training in the world, but still unable to do things 'right'. Personal opinion drives everything here, and in real life.... the ONLY right way to do something is to do it the way you feel you should, it's a bonus if other people like it enough to take part in what you do. 5) I'm not so sure this reflects on what my original topic is about. Items are priced based on what the artist (and it is art) feels their time and effort are worth-- not how much the thing they have made can do. I'm currently working on a Drider, I have spent weeks on getting the rig just right because the stupid thing needs all eight legs to move, and I still have to have bones for the humanoid upper body. Do you realize how hard it is to make 8 legs move and look naturally when you only have enough bones to rig 7? Not only that, I've worked hard to overcome some visual issues as well to make my Drider more appealing aesthetically than those who have come before it. I'm having to learn how to animate as well, because I couldn't get people to animate it for me-- even with money to pay them with. I was literally told "It would take way longer for someone to learn how you rigged something than it would for you to just learn how to animate." That being true, I wasn't entirely asking for speed, I was asking for quality. I want to provide a quality product, but I'm not making it for any one person. Expectations have to be watered down, that's the nature of "average" consumerism... you take a great many opinions, then you cut out everything that doesn't seem to repeat a trend/desire of your target market. The person next to you may have one idea of how a product should be, and the person next to them, and so on. Not only that, but we as people can only think exactly the same way WE think. We can guess, and estimate, and possibly even foresee what others might be thinking, but we will never have the ability to 100% know what a person thinks, wants, or feels. I can only expect the best of myself, take feedback, and apply what's relative after the fact. Also, if I had to design something based on 100% the needs of all the people.... my project would never get done. This is why custom work exists. 6) This comes down to personal skill. Personally, I can't do everything. I can mesh, and I can somewhat rig.... I could offer my item as full perm, but then the original creator rarely gets any credit. No one remembers them. You also run into the issue of say... a full perm pony.... one pony having weird animations and another pony having amazing animations but terrible textures. there's no consistency, and you the customer will have to dig through aaaaaaaaall the ponies until you find one that works enough the way you want it to to be 'worth' your money. If you want a completely personal experience, tailored to your desires, needs, and environmental applications---- you'll need custom work. Custom work is expensive, and rightly so. You're asking a content creator to dedicate their time and talent to you, and only you. You're asking them to deviate from their personal formula. To think not for the whole, but for a single individual's needs and wants. 7) Did you know that Secondlife nets Linden Labs about $60Million a year? They do this by doing just enough to keep people interested in Secondlife, NOT by giving second life everything they want. I doubt the archaic platform SL runs on could even support the wants and needs of every single user. However, I would personally love to see more interpersonal relations between developers and Secondlife. There are many things SL could still improve on, but they likely won't make any of the improvements unless it's completely necessary for the functionality of their project..... I mean.... look how long it took them to go from prim to mesh, for bento, for Animesh. It's not like the ability for it didn't exist until just now (or maybe it did?) 8] What is there to do around a real big-ass city? There's going to a coffee shop, there's interacting with neighbors/shop owners/events/etc... there's going to the park... These and more are all experiences the person seeking them has to go out and create for themselves--- the facilities are already there. Do you go out to a real-life bar and expect the bar staff to move you onto the floor, pose your body along to the music, so some pretty/handsome face will notice you in order for you to take them home and bump uglies? The par provides the space, the tunes, and the liquid courage. I think the people running the show provide the best they can for as many people they can. Yes we could use more props, and yes things could be less boring-- but we as the users still have to initiate interaction. Now, all that said... It sounds like you have some great expectations, and should totally try to apply that to your area of work. I will take from your commentary what I can and hopefully use it to improve what I make. I've already deemed that everything I make will be Mod-able, because I understand my skills in some areas are lacking, and people have the right to improve where they can... I offer UV maps so people can use better textures than mine, and I intend to have Dev-kits for people who want to make personalized objects/animations, etc... I'm choosing to help improve the experience of Secondlife by offering what I don't already see, or what I see that is visually/functionally lacking that still fits my base goals for creating... I think it's up to each one of us to do our part to improve the environment of where we call our community. Just trying to do my part here by asking questions, finding common threads, etc. I may completely deviate and do my own thing anyway--- but I'll have a better idea how to present what I've chosen to do.
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