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  1. I'm new to scripting which is why I need help lol I just need to figure out how to make the script work for me , which is where I am struggling
  2. Hi there! Just wondering... how do I script an object to only be interactive for people wearing a specific group tag?
  3. Can someone help me please? I used a clothing hud to apply a clothing texture to my tweeneedoo but it doesn't seem to have an off or remove option and I don't know how to take the legging texture off.
  4. whoops sorry I posted in the wrong forum the last time and couldn't find it to delete it but thanks i'll try that.
  5. Sorry please can someone help? I sent a friend gifts that cost 500 L in total and she never received them. There is a receipt for them in my order history and it took my linden and I even re delivered them with no luck.
  6. Someone please help I sent gifts to a friend and I TRIPPLE checked her user name before I sent them, but they never arrived, however the linden for them was taken out of my account.
  7. *she'd Love the wings description btw.
  8. I feel like she's be mysterious and wear greys blacks reds and leather. Maybe both or emo?!
  9. from the way you describe her I feel her facial features would be sharp and defined
  10. yes we do their called 'typos terrific sleepers' lol thanks for pointing that out ill edit it but seems as were correcting typos it seems your duelling lost an L
  11. Hello everyone! We are a Percy Jackson based Roleplay group and our sim Camp halfblood is opening inworld on November 7th! Want to roleplay as a Demi-god? A mythical being? Or are you a Percy Jackson fan? Then this is the group for you! Come along and join us at Camp Half-Blood and be claimed by your Godly parent and sorted into your cabins, participate in classic camp activities such as capture the flag, dulling and archery, encounter mythical beings and even go on a quest or two or take a trip to Olympus! We are looking for roleplayers to play: 1) campers (counsell
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