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  1. When you get a redelivery from my store you'll always get the latest version. Hope that helps I may have missed your IM about getting back into the group, I've unbanned you.
  2. The Lindens really need to comment on this. It really looks like someone is gaming the system because as soon as it looks like it's going to start selling off someone drops 10 million as a roadblock and it goes up.
  3. Oh awesome, that's even easier then. Thank you!
  4. Has there been any word as to how and why the way SL determines the face order on upload has changed recently? I upgraded to the newest version of Firestorm and had to reupload an existing mesh and the face order is not the same as it was. I also tried the latest official SL viewer and got the same results on uploading the same mesh I had previously uploaded. I'm not able to test the previous version of FS because it's blocked now so I don't know if it's a viewer issue or something on the SL backend that has changed. Anyway the issue is that previously the face number was determined by the order in which the materials was listed in the DAE text file in the <triangles> area of the text. I could alter the order by rearranging those sections between the <triangles></triangles> tags. This was often necessary due to how my scripts worked when I needed certain textures on my mesh to have a certain face number. This time when I uploaded the exact same mesh the face numbers are different and aren't affected by their order in the <triangles> section of the script. Previously the order was (obvious) 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and now the same faces are 4,3,2,0,1,5,6. I tried rearraging the order as I had done previously but the new upload had the same faces assigned to the same face number so it seems like it's no longer determining the face order based on that section of the DAE file. Anyone have an insight on this and how I can determine the order of my faces?
  5. Mine just reverted too. I was looking for this thread because I was going to complain. The new one was awful.
  6. Thank you! This bug has been driving me crazy with a new project I'm working on. I had multiple rigged meshes layered with all but one set to 100% transparency at a time but the invisible meshes occluded the visible one, however only meshes with an alpha were affected. The developer viewer posted works as expected. A possibly related bug was also fixed where any rigged mesh with transparency would disappear when you turned on Lighting and Shadows. Is there an ETA on when this fix might make it into the official viewer?
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