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  1. tie it to paypal or skrill, with a extra stap it's perhaps usable for SL it will most likeley never work at the SL exchange. The fact the provider says the card is ok, is true, it's just not accepted at all locations... SL is one of those.
  2. Fox Wijaya


    you might have faster suggestions when you post in the "wanted" section Answers is more suited for questions about how SL works ..( or doesn't work )
  3. oh yesss and the employment forum is the right place.... ehm.. perhaps skip your business if you don't see the difference
  4. i say Lindens too normally .. but when comming to the forums it can be really helpfull to adress the things with their real name, otherwise we see posts like " it doesn't work" and nothing more... really hard to guess what doesnt work. ánd... i would really want to buy a Linden..let's start with Patch ..( one is enough at my age)
  5. it can..or even will be, me... but really was this section here all the time?...can't remember ever seeing it...i'm confused now.
  6. in what matter?... what's the difference with direct USD transfer to your account with the same CC or paypal as you buy your L$?... or like Ana does.. put in a order and cancel so it ends on the USD Balance?... It adds no extra risks for possible fraud or responsibilities as it has now.
  7. I think you missed some information and discussions during the years ; Sansar is never meant to replace SL, nor bring the people over to there. It has a different purpose, and a different audience.
  8. it is hardly of any efford, if you know the item, check the orignal delivery date at MP, than go to the bought items and click redeliver... done.. and thats all. It's only a few clicks, even when you had bought zzillion items, your deliveries are sorted on date. Just keep in mind, some sellers won't put updated versions there, they will put the item up as new, so no update from them.
  9. last weeks... ehm.. scaring them all, they don't show up, they know who's next to be killed ... (i'm cleaning up my collection)
  10. we'r still waiting on the future plans of earlier meetings.. wait with new ones a bit... (sorry daniel for your name on the quote!)
  11. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/287-wanted-full-private-island/ https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/288-wanted-homesteads/
  12. if i understand you well ....you had a look at the charts, the amount of people leaving SL is stable, and even slightly rising with new subscribers. It would be the opposite of your statement, work on it and it will give a reason to grow. ... if you put your statement as thing on sansar it would have closed years ago.
  13. the sour part for me was to read about the donation, don't get me wrong, it's a good thing to fight for... 5 usd per visitor and up to 10k in bonusses ... while in the same week SL subscriptions go up with 30% or more. Thats together with the pre pay for one more billing cycle a big chunk of money out of the "profit" of raising premiums There would be more profit at all sides ..LL an the users when the raise would be done in two steps, no pre pay, and no bonusses in Sansar from it. 5 usd per visitor is already quite a big donation .. of course with the current Sansar visitor amounts, not really a big deal, the profit from there will cover it... coughs.....
  14. edited the post during your response added, if your order passes, ....( with cancelling in time, you shouldn't get to pay those fees i think) It's a usefull feature lost when they took away to add USD to your account directly.
  15. nothing against it, i think, but if your budget allows, it's more profitable to do one buy, store your dollars at paypal an option? now you have twice the 1.49 fees if your order passes, thats together close to 3 usd = roughly over 750 L$
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