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  1. it been gone for some time, might been some issues i guess ... but good to hear it's still there
  2. you always can remove a part of it, if i'm not wrong every sections is around 6 Li, the stove and sink higher. Pitty that kitchen isn't available anymore, it a really nice one, i heared the store has closed.
  3. the thread about Linden home complaints?... most likely because all new linden home threads have their own location... the Linden Home section
  4. don't forget that's only the land, no buildings, decor, furniture, security, plants, forrests and all other stuff..
  5. here are the costs normal full region: setup 349 + monthly 229 homestead region: setup 149 + monthly 109 ( + you have to own at least on full region) prices are in USD ( and ex VAT if you'r no US resident)
  6. you want a region? or a parcel?... for me you'r sending mixed plans. Houses, hospital and fire department on one small parcel won't work very well. Think you better might join a existing RP region and get some experience. It otherwise might end in a financial catastrophe.
  7. no, you can skip step 1, because there is no other option if you want to keep playing.
  8. think most people heared that, most a few months ago.... and no you don't cancel your premium. Perhaps could read the official channels and in special this part of the forum, it will answer all your questions, these and future.
  9. just a parcel isn't a sim (= full region officially) most people rent parcels at private estates, or buy a small part at mainland. looking for a landlord or parcels for sale would be the second step after you decide you want to buy or rent.
  10. chewed this subject out year after year after year... SL is still around, and quite steady since some time.
  11. as this is mainly a rl thing you'll have to figure out the technical side there first..and afterwards find a way to implement the process in SL otherwise your customers have to wait till you'r online to hand out the serverinfo. you rent/own at serverparks? reliable connection? uptime +99% ? .. bandwith?... and where... because for many potential customers a server on Samoa won't be the best choice...
  12. i don't really get what you mean to say here ... 12AM = US sleeps (generally speaking) and EU is at work, Asia is at work, Afrika is at work ... its not a big surprise the online figures are lower during that time.
  13. it's what you think, not what it has to be for others. The big difference is, in the past they were just banging at your door, from now on you'll have to open it and show your face. For some people that's a bit to much. In special for non US residents, we mostly still have some privacy left.
  14. not like this, in a thread as this it's totally unneeded to tag place your question and be patient. if it'sone subject do not open new threads but stick to the original, people who are interested will come back to it. If it's a project it can be even more use to find a tutor inworld, thats a lot easier to communicate than a forum. I think the problem is a bit in the last line i quoted... just be patient, there's nothing here what can't wait a day. Seems you expect some kind of support, while here you only can get help by residents as yourself, spending their valuable time on helping others, but also have their time in RL or inworld. Respect that please and don't push.
  15. they don't introduce a 5% process fee, but a 2.5 % rise of the fee.
  16. it's true, but look at all those big changes.. and also to this minor one.. LL dumps a statement, no explanation, and you do it, you do it when we want it, and because we want it.... And finally...after some hours of riot in threads they come with at utterly useless response, and finally a day later they start with a real explanation. ..so who's to blame?
  17. the forums have a structure for a reason, you can put your questions there in a right category From there people will jump in, not only the people yóu like or even appricate answering. To say it more clear perhaps: do not tag, unless it is really needed. And that is véry rarely. For sure not the regular techie questions that are posted. Most will even be answered faster when you use search or even google. I didn't give the example of "urgent" without reason. Not many questions are that urgent that you need a special threatment. Simply ask your question and be patient. Or. for many questions, look inworld for teachers.
  18. buy or rent one, you'll have however more chance in the landforums
  19. you can, but keep in mind you can put yourself in a position that's not making you very popular and can make you get a reputation as pushy For example posts with remarks as "urgent" are skipped by many people that are potential good helpers. Also tagging specific people, make others pass the post without answering. If you need private help hire a personal assistent ?
  20. of course it is and i keep to my point that TOS 1.1 states differently than your huge superscript.
  21. don't run yet, make your plan and see what happens.
  22. yep totally LL... ánd Tilia....ánd... no lag and plenty of space because you'll be totally alone there
  23. of course the buy fee needs to be eaten... in small amounts it might not be worth the trouble
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