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  1. oh i want to do this!! where do i sign up??
  2. I did not get a houseboat but I did get a traditional home. I'm good with this for a while.
  3. ugh, I'm gonna miss it again. I have to leave.
  4. I hope they do it really soon. I have to leave in about an hour. ugh
  5. does that mean that they are going to release them so we can get one?
  6. I guess I will keep clicking then
  7. this is gonna sound stupid, but i dont know how to autorefresh. LOL
  8. honestly, i would take either one
  9. ok i just abandoned my meadowbrook home. should i keep refreshing my page to see if they are being released? i really want one of those houseboats.
  10. I didn't even know they were coming out with new homes. I am annoyed because I only found out about them a few days ago. Did they send out any kind of communication?
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