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  1. I've lived in Florida since the early 70's and stilt houses are nothing new here. In Biscayne Bay, in Miami, there is or used to be a place called Stiltsville. All the houses were built on stilts and you could only access them by boat. After doing a quick google search, I found this: https://www.nps.gov/bisc/learn/historyculture/stiltsville.htm It looks like its still there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stiltsville
  2. which room add on is this?? i would really like to add a bathroom to my grandview. thanks in advance. very nice house, btw.
  3. my house in possum place has steps too. they arent as nice as some of the others but i like them.
  4. i dont believe i got these. dyna mole sent me a new string of lights but i think they are v1 lights. hmm. i need to check my mailbox again. i just checked again and i dont have these in my mailbox.
  5. i am having the same issue with the lights. these lights come in the decorating pack that was provided by the moles in our mailboxes. when i lived in verdant falls, i had no trouble with the lights. i am in possum place now and the lights dont want to snap into place. its kind of disappointing. i wanted to use them for christmas. oh well.
  6. i am so lost with these hunts. good luck to everyone who tries them.
  7. i visited and it was awesome. i took some pics and id like to post them if its ok.
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