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  1. i havent been able to find these public spots, therefore i havent been able to enjoy them. ive been busy decorating my house. when i take my horse out, i tend to get lost and go in circles. i have no sense of direction and need a gps to go everywhere. it wouldnt be any fun to go hang out if no one else is using them though.
  2. i am right in the middle of holton center. its ok for now. i really dont want to be homeless and since i am getting ready for a rl move, i dont have the time to stalk for a new one. i will stay where i am for now.
  3. i will have to check the group list. thanks for the info
  4. forget the divorces. how about a dating service for those of us who are single???
  5. i am seeing all the new locations for houses and i am almost, almost tempted to abandon mine to see if i can get a new one in a better location. i am like right in the middle of bellisseria and its so much prettier by the water or the river. sighs.
  6. love your rooms. this kitchen, who is the creator? how much LI? i am trying to cut down on mine.
  7. yeah, i was thinking about that and this kitchen has tons of animations, so im gonna leave it as is. i dont wanna mess anything up.
  8. the top one is really nice. how did you texture the walls? and those floors??
  9. thanks. i was wondering if i linked all the kitchen pieces together, if it would reduce LI. i guess i would have to try it.
  10. if you link them together, it reduces LI? this is really pretty.
  11. I have a very short avi. Just over 5'.
  12. thank you. no, I am not floating to do the dishes anymore. I think I might move the fridge to the other side of the room.
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