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  1. Thank you,every single one of you for all your time,patience and support! I highly appreciate it!
  2. Okaaay so basically.....I did it! I was able to make a bento pose + export it by using the exporter made by @Sabrina Tamerlane.Im so happy,thanks a bunch! Like you said,it still needs improvement,but! It is really,really easy to use!
  3. OK hun,I will give this a shot ,I'll see what I can do about the fingers.I don't wanna move them much,just enough so that they don't look robotic
  4. @Sabrina Tamerlane Does it include the fingers as well hun? I'd like to be able to move the fingers as I like
  5. @Quarrel KukulcanI started with the bento male avatar file and when adding keyframes I only right clicked and selected Rotation on each limb that I moved for a pose.Tried the pose on my female avatar,it was completely messy @Sabrina Tamerlane I sucessfully exported poses made in Daz Studio,but I don't have the bento files ,only the old avatar files provided by SL.I don't mind buying the exporter,except I don't know where to get the bento files for Daz Studio. @Orwar Thanks for the tip.I might invest in Avastar at some point,but for the moment my budget isn't ready for it yet.🙂
  6. Nope,been around for years ,uploaded textures thousands of times before but this is the first time that this has happened to me.Try zooming in on my photos,on the breast area (no pun intended, that's where the quality loss is most obvious).I will wait until Monday and see how it goes,like I said the textures uploaded fine first time and looked just like they did on local,then suddenly distorted upon second time uploading.As for image size,I always work on 1024x1024 😃
  7. When uploading textures in the past few hours,everything was working smoothly for me.All of a sudeen,the textures I uploaded lost quality! I have cleared my cache,my drivers are up to date and I just can't understand what happened.Textures look fine whilst displayed from computer (displaying Local texture on mesh),but when uploading them they lose quality and become blurry.See pictures below for comparison. LOCAL TEXTURE BEING DISPLAYED ON MESH: SAME TEXTURE,UPLOADED AND DISPLAYED ON MESH:
  8. Did as you advised hun,thx for the idea ^^ Just waiting on an answer from him now
  9. @Orwar Found Qavimator,but I can't seem to rotate fingers,I downloaded the January 2020 version.Is this the bento one?
  10. Tried this tutorial + what you have mentioned,I managed to get a pose but the position of limbs doesn't correspond at all with what i am seeing in blender,although I did the rotation method 😔
  11. Thanks for your guidance ladies ,I highly appreciate it! 🙂
  12. Thanks,hun.I do not currently want to invest in Avastar though, as it exceeds my budget,that's why I was looking into a free alternative 🙂
  13. Is there a full tutorial which shows how to make and export a pose in Blender,like start to end? I am not sure how to make the pose last 2 frames ,I am a newbie to this 🤔
  14. Hello.So I used the female file provided here: https://blog.machinimatrix.org/avatar-workbench/ Made my pose...exported as BVH file...but when trying to upload the file into SL it says 'Failed to initialize motion'. Can someone hint out what I am doing wrong please? 🤔 Or am I missing something?
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