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  1. Hi, I have been away for well over a year and instead of bugging my handful of amazing friends, i'd rather find a room somewhere from someone else. I enjoy meeting new people but I really don't enjoy not having somewhere to log in to? No budget but nothing too expensive or large. Anything from a room in a huge castle to a tiny room in your attic 😂 I can offer money towards the rent as a given but perhaps more valuable, if you need a particular person, photographer, wedding coordinator, DJ, host, nurse? Many more, I have lots of great contacts from my previous time here and I love to
  2. No problem, glad you found one They are realistically scaled and designed, plus and she's very accommodating if you need things changed (depending). She has a skybox where you can use a rezzer too I believe.
  3. Try messaging a skilled lady called ChesneyHaven and show her the plans, she might be able to help
  4. EDIT : Found and no longer looking <3 Can delete.. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, Offering to split my land with a potential roommate(s). I am hardly on my land when online, always busy in SL. Happy to get to know you or be simple roomies. I am in the middle of changing house so dependent on that your welcome to bring your own small building or move into mine for a room or whatever is going, plenty of room. Rent is as many prims you like, 1 prim is $L1. Need 300 prims the
  5. Here at Make it Perfect we are looking to add another wedding photographer to our staff. We are happy to talk to both freelancers and people who wish to work for us exclusively. Not everyone enjoys doing wedding photography. If taking someones photo is as plain as clicking a button, we're probably not where you want to work. You need to enjoy it from start to finish. Having a client pick you as their single person to capture their biggest day, for them to relive every time they open that album they keep stashed away, with your work, you should be proud and with all that, comes a to
  6. Hello world, I am looking for a potential roommate(s) that have space for one. Happy to find somewhere with a single room, entire apartment or anything. The space you have for me should be mostly unfurnished if possible so I can do it myself I am flexible with the cost of rent on my part so I wont put a number on it but very willing to negotiate and help out as much as I can. I don't mind the theme of the place either. I am a self proclaimed 'good' decorator so if you need help anywhere or something, my furniture is yours to use too. I've never met a stranger to possibly live wit
  7. Thank you, after soul searching for such a long time I did finally find my twin.
  8. Hello, my LOD is 2, on 4 it would load a little more but not much. It is ok though I have now fixed, it turned out my masking was off and I had to fiddle about. Thank you for the reply too Drake1.
  9. Hey I have a problem with my tattoos. I have added them correctly as my experienced friend gave me the step by step. My problem is, they do not load until you are zooming very close, anything more than 3 meters away and you see nothing albeit sometimes a patch here and there. This is what other people see too. It's really bugging me. Anyone have any idea or had before? Far away, a patch shows up (usually blank) Pretty close, usually tattoos load by now, no? Extremely close and finally they all load
  10. The Dog: "Ugh more selfies again, feed me please... woof?"
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