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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Nora! I will definitely look them up! The Crack Den looks promising! Seems to be a sim of my liking.
  2. Sure! Would be fun to hangout, I'll add you annie
  3. Thanks for the replies! Yeah I was indecisive at the moment regarding to post, but I thought what the hell if there is other people that also are in the same boat as me why not explore this world together?
  4. Hey peeps! Just came back to sl after 7 year break and much have changed! All of the people I knew back then have quit and I feel a bit lonely in this large fun world and therefore am I writing this post to find fun people to socialize with. When im online I often go exploring or dancing and I really like sims with an urban vibe to it, I like photography but I consider myself not that great of a photographer smiles... I also like to rp from time to time, I was part of a city rp community back when i was beginning sl it was fun! I am open minded mostly about all kind of rp. Hit me up inworld or here if you'd like to get to know me better! /Chris
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