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The New Linden Homes Update Post

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In theme with posting updates about Linden Homes progress, we have a systems update for you:

We’ve fixed the issue of Residents with the surname “.resident” not being able to be added to the whitelist and controls, as well as the control panel’s difficulties in retaining the owner whitelist settings when changing homes. This will improve your ease of management for who can access your property.

Additionally, we have implemented the ability for parcel owners to reset their house controller scripts (the mailbox or life ring for rezzing a different house) should a Resident encounter an issue generating the house selection menu.  If you do not receive a house selection menu when you click your House Controller, simply click on and hold the Controller for at least two seconds to reset the scripts. This should correct for most issues of this nature.  If the problem persists after attempting this, please contact support.

The updated models of the Linden Homes control panels and house controllers have been installed into Traditional Homes and Houseboats across the Bellisseria continent.

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Hi folks! 

It’s time we bring a new style of Linden Homes into the mix. Now, in addition to Traditional and Houseboat styles, we’re introducing the newest theme: CAMPERS!




You may have seen these Campers at the Linden Homes preview during SL16B. Clustered in central Bellisseria, the new Camper regions offer a secluded, rural environment, with more nature and parcel privacy than the previous theme locations. 




Campers allow for a simple lifestyle: choose between 8 versatile styles on 512 sqm parcels, all with open floor plans, nestled in the wooded Bellisseria regions.  The campers include a new feature allowing you to rotate the direction of your camper 180 degrees!  Remember, you can still use the other portion of your premium land allotment towards another 512sqm of land elsewhere on the mainland.

These new Camper regions feature some special community areas as well, such as the Campwich Lodge and railway stations in select regions.



Like all Linden Homes, these are first-come, first-served, so act fast to claim yours!

Also, as an update to the Traditional Homes content pack, the highly requested roof and floor textures are now available.  Please grab a new content pack via your mailbox today to receive them.




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