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  1. I would guess a body alpha problem. Try getting a full body alpha and putting it on.
  2. Oh I found hold ALT and use mouse but it is not smooth. Hmmmmm.
  3. Hi I have not played in awhile and want to make a video and I forgot how I can maker my camera zoom and stuff. Any tips would help me a lot!
  4. Well I thought I broke sl for a long time so good to know it was not me.
  5. I buy a catwa mesh head and a maityana body. I go to a skin store and they have a skin for the head by itself. Catwa applier. Ok where in the heck is the body skin? I get demo for head seems to work ok. I search for long time fine a room in store that says "classic bodies." I get the demo and its lips only! For 1,500 lindens. What? I could not find a body skin demo anywhere in store. I don't get it. Make up and head only stores? For thousands of lindens?
  6. how in the heck did u do that zoom at the beginning into different rooms around corners?
  7. I ran into the maker of that king kong avatar years ago and stuck king kong in a video. KIng KOng appears at 7:50 on timer.
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