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  1. Hello, These are the Videos about White Rangers, a medieval roleplaying and jousting in second life. Taken at https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlif... White Rangers Ceremony Located at Courtyard, Castle Courtyard, Mystvale Credits: The White Armory, Silvan Moon Design Filmed in Second Life
  2. Hello everyone, This is machinima recording the White Ranger Ceremony February 15, 2020 Location: Castle Courtyard, Mystvale. (The White Armory) Landmark https://bit.ly/2w24Syl
  3. Here is my latest machinima about destination in second life. This time, I took video in Baja Tides. I love the serene, peaceful feelings this place has to offer! Please watch in 1080 HD and Enjoy! flickr link:
  4. Everyone has great machinima here. Here is mine...was ages ago but will try to make few more of movie with story line in the future.
  5. Very nice input. Emulated packaging will make the inworld store looks like a real life fashion store, and so many inworld store are now using those. But as i am also a customer, it was very hard to find the item with the color i wanted because of the lag and not every product were rezzing well. It made the shopping experience not much enjoyable to me. Perhaps even if they use those ways to showcase their product, but if they provide information about the product clearly and the sim is less laggy, it will be better. About events: if it's big event, some customers will have a hard time
  6. Hi, Anyone would like to share the best marketing strategy for fashion store or avatar appearance/components 's store? I have these in mind: 1. Inworld store => put some group gifts and share to networking and marketing sites like facebook, flickr, teleport hub. sometimes gives discount 2. rent a store in place with good traffic. However most places now use some traffic booster like sploder or fishing game. It's generating traffic to their place but mostly people who wants to get lindens and not spending it. 3. Joining events 4. Blogger search 5. Also featu
  7. Yes, I've tried to look there. It is really good, it's near blake sea, double prims, but could not find the one facing the sea yet lol. It's quite full there and ofc very expensive
  8. Hi, I wonder if there's a list of region with bonus factor (double prims) and also has access to black sea? Thank you,
  9. Winter is here! Fill your homes and be in style! Look fancy and warm in spite of the season Enjoy the venue, music, and give a treats to your avatars and homes. Come Shopping with us! For all Designers, enjoy creating with winter theme! For Bloggers, be ready to showcase your artistic talents! Come join us from November 25th until December 8th 2018 Designer Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JZmbVAcuRsQtPaICDfjise3Cp30nTSvZnc_SBYd8ufg Blogger Application : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FnOhDIb2d6tesNqx7Tmlp3CsDwTlhQW1jytYxg-MBrw
  10. hi, I am premium member and currently own a land in Horizons Bianca. It is 1024 sqm but has region bonus factor. I decided to rent the land to others. I have deeded the land to my group and gave the tenants ability to change their parcel description and stream. I've got this question from my tenants if it is possible she can set the land to her own group along with the parcel objects. My question is : If i deed the land to her group do i have risk of losing the land if the tenants become the owner of group? Will the tenant able to sell the land to others? Thank you,
  11. 3x Protected The parcel can be cleared region object bonus factor =2, 1024 sqm, 702 prims Price = L$49000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Bianca/251/161/94
  12. Mιɴιѕтry Oғ Trαɴce Preѕeɴтѕ "FIFTY SHADES OF TRANCE" "Put your ear down close to your Soul and Listen hard. Let the PURE TRANCE carries you beyond your state of Mind" February 28th until March 4th, 2018 Sponsored by Bad Hair Day ✈ Tαхι : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowley/206/55/3011 ✔FB:-https://www.facebook.com/groups/1378051745603015/ ✔FLιckr:- https://www.flickr.com/groups/4069301@N20/ ♫ Secoɴd Lιғeѕ Fιɴeѕт Trαɴce Clυв ♫
  13. WE ARE HIRING: HOST & MANAGERS Host application link : https://goo.gl/forms/JN8E2l5gmFSYX7X72 Managers application link: https://goo.gl/forms/rAgxcdzXFk6nojG92 Do you love music and hosting in second life? Do you love managing a club in second life? Come & Join us for an inworld opportunity career MINISTRY OF TRANCE ♫ Secoɴd Lιғeѕ Fιɴeѕт Trαɴce Clυв ♫ We offer you: 100% Tips for host. A fixed payment for Managers for each sets. Come On! What are you looking for? We are looking for YOU: Energetic, Highly motivated and passionate people! W
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