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  1. Aaaahhhhh!!! I love you Sukubia Scarmon!!!!!! Thank Youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Thank you so much! I will certainly check that out. Guess I'll have to make my own android in the future, but I like the look of the one Alyona Su posted.
  3. She looks like she is in sl to me... anyone knows where the head is from perchance? Or clothes even... -Anna
  4. Both were great ideas, but unfortunately, I could not find the altamura freebie. And the Ruth 2.0 avie turned out to be no mod. I very much appreciate your input though! Thank you
  5. Thank you both so much!! I appreciate it -Anna
  6. Hello Everyone! Does anyone know of a mesh head and/or body that either is mod or you can use custom textures for? I am looking for a head and body that are not more than 1200 lindens a piece. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! -Anna
  7. >>Annddd I can't figure out how to move this to the correct section... so my apologies. This is in the wrong place. Hello everyone! I need some opinions from the mesh savvy people here. I want to mod a ghost avatar, but with the lack of semi-transparent skins that go with mesh(that I know of!) I need to make my own. That being said, I would love to find a head and body that work well together AND are MODIFY. Both, without breaking the bank. I do not want to pay 3-5k for another bento head. Thus far what I have come up with is maybe the kemono body with human parts and the Normi
  8. I made this. Uber creepy! Gnarly skin applier is from Cureless, Hair is from Argrace, Eyes are from Izzies demon eyes applier. She also has the monster hands from a Cureless gacha. Thank you all for your help! I am very happy with this, because its for roleplay and I think I'll be one of the scariest undead on sim! >:D *Hugs* -Anna.
  9. Bahaha! One must wonder about the good friend... XD
  10. Yes! They have an excellent face applier I am going to use! I am also going to use a few things from Aii, their red death applier for one.. It's the anorexic ribs and muscles that are missing right now.
  11. Thank you! Yes, I've been looking on the marketplace. I should have been more specific, my apologies. I meant that I am searching for things like Maitreya appliers and prosthetics. Rib appliers, gory muscle appliers, prosthetic goul hands... that sort of thing. I'd like to use my Maitreya body because of some armor I have for it already. I just need to make it look undead. Sorry for not explaining before.
  12. Hello! I'm trying to make a creepy undead female avatar for roleplay. I have Maitreya mash body and lelutka Simone head... I'm having a hard time finding things that would help make my avatar look... dead. I have the head figured out but the body is.. daunting. Anyone know of appliers or inserts that make your avie body look boney, or with ripped skin and muscle? Anything like that? I'd appreciate any advice! -Anna.
  13. Hello! I love this corset, the one in the top left. but it's not for mesh bodies, and despite trying to fudge around with it I can't make it work. Does anyone know of anything similar to this outfit but for Maitreya? Thanks so much!
  14. Thank you! I found her fashion blog omfg YASSS!! <3
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