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  1. Agree with this! Also, I leave nametags off altogether. Helps performance in my experience.
  2. I like to leave them off (and with privacy on.) Sometimes we'll be hanging at a club and a friend will say "Ohh looks like someone is interested" or some such comment. I get it, I used to leave them on but the whole dance of exchanging crosshairs across a crowded room doesn't really work for me. Hello is better!
  3. Modular UI that lets us detach elements and move them to other screens etc. Yeah, I know about the "April Fools" proof of concept Firestorm did. What a tease!
  4. I'd send them a link / explain one of those scanner HUDs. It's not secrecy, I'm happy to share if someone likes my outfit etc. but a full rundown on what I'm wearing? I'm just not that interested in talking shop about avatar creation.
  5. Beyond a certain width, the Maitreya hips and thighs do tend to get that diamond shape in your posted example. Lots of gorgeous shapes in the thread that totally avoid that but you can see they are all within a certain range of curviness and if you want to go beyond that.. I'm a huge fan of Reborn myself! On the subject of deformers, a great many of Ebody Reborn wearers use them, and several are included in the package. If you see a Reborn shape out there on the grid you could always scan them with a What Is She Wearing HUD, or use Firestorm area search to see if they are using anything. Or just ask if youre not shy, lots of people love talking shop
  6. I clear mine once a year. Currently 15, mostly group spammers.
  7. @Charlotte Bartlett & @Tary Allen Thank you both so much! Finding some great stuff that will fit the bill here
  8. I love my place but the wood and glass design doesn't leave much room for hanging artwork, and I just want to change things up. My main criteria is a rooftop patio accessed from inside the house—so, not just a flat roof that I could put a bunch of stuff on and call a patio. Wraparound decks are nice too but I need that nice open space on top. Other than Maven Skwer, which I have been using for years, can you suggest a nice modern home designed with a rooftop patio?
  9. This double prim 1024m parcel (702 LI) has is protected by roadside to the east and water view / sailing access to Horizons waters to the North. 100k L$. The parcel next door sold rather faster than I expected so...if you were eyeing that, check it out and enjoy! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Nova/194/241/23
  10. Fair enough. Just being a stickler for the sake of accuracy (I'm sure you can understand that) because HD appliers don't use the SLUV, and that's kinda the point of them, right? Catwa introduced HD lips as a bolt-on item in Fall 2019 and added them to heads / huds in December 2019.
  11. HD appliers for Lelutka Evolution, Genus, or Catwa don't use the LL UV. They are higher resolution textures applied to their own layers over top of BOM. Yes, I know this adds to the texture memory used by my avatar. https://cazimisl.com/2020/03/27/wtf-is-hd/
  12. I do love HD makeup but otherwise? BOM all the way. Case in point. I updated my body today. All I had to do was activate BOM in the hud, replace links and done. If an outfit has a particular tattoo, freckles, a blemish, it's all still there. No hunting for appliers, wondering what skin I wore or what tattoo. So simple.
  13. Corner lot with a canal to the west and access to Horizons waters to the north. 100,000 L$ Contact Ginger Cloud in-world. Messages on this thread may not be seen, cheers! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Nova/167/240/23
  14. I like these! I was worried the next round would give me buyer's remorse but I've quickly become attached to my new name. And a few names: Sedona Vortex Ray Wayfarer The Wanderer
  15. When wrapping your fingers around, say, a candycane or some other delicious treat yes they can indeed be seen.
  16. Real life as referred to by your friend at the reunion is really a throwback to Gen X and before. Kids these days don't know what real is. Remember when people called it meatspace? Or maybe that was only on Slashdot. Second Life keeps the trope alive because of the whole SL/RL dichotomy but in general it has much less currency.
  17. Probably not a good choice if a vast universe of skins and makeup are important to you, but do check out the latest generation of LOGO heads, Mae and Willow. I find they are a good match with my softer body shape.
  18. Problem with Genus is the jaw angle. Pay attention to the profile and understand the chin angle slider has 0 effect on Genus heads whereas other brands (catwa at least that I know of) this can be filled in.
  19. Now listed @ 55k Still some wiggle room on the price since, yknow, if you lower it to the actual lowest price¸ people expect to pay less than that! Shoot me an offer in-world
  20. I resisted the tempation to put RARE in my title but it is in fact one of only a handful of Horizons parcels raised ~10M above the surrounding area, and the only one for sale. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Ariel/146/68/32 L$ 67.5K or best offer. 1024m, 702 LI. No objects included in sale -- house photos for demonstration only Contact: cicelydawn Resident Cheers!
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