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  1. Right? Took a minute to find something I could post here though .. language!
  2. As a charter member of the Refresh Club I can't help checking in occasionally to see what comes up. I had a riverside traditional which I let go of recently after lucking into a 32x32 corner plot houseboat in a recent region--an abandon at that! My thought was probably the same as whoever got my last amazing spot: How could anyone give this up? I see no problem with catch and release. These homes represent different things to people. A retirement home, a starter home, a place to sail; something permanent or something more ephemeral...all valid.
  3. When I shop for skins I set myself up in a pose stand and take pictures of each one from the exact same angle. I set the snapshot tool to show the UI so I can tell them apart. Then I can open all these in an image editor and flip through them quickly. It really helps me to see the differences between a bunch of similar skins. Things like nose shading, nostrils, lip shape and size, eyelids, eyebags, cheekbones, contouring are examples of what differs between skins even from a single vendor.
  4. Animations. Number of makeup layers and the save slots for each type. Overall shape--more hair fits. Responsiveness of the HUD.
  5. A means of aligning the horizontal and vertical perspective of the camera is something I dearly wish was part of the camera controls. The ability to place and rotate the camera with precision of a regular object, basically. I'm not aware of anything close to that but would love to hear any tricks or tools for getting good perspective alignment inworld, and not with the aid of post-processing.
  6. Utterly ordinary 4096m parcel of moderate land on a slope. L$3000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vleet/181/156/59
  7. Copying an entire parcel would be a legendary prank worthy of admiration, not scorn. I hope someone does it.
  8. Who could be afraid of Kona Linden, he likes flower and kittycats
  9. With absolutely nothing to back it up, it feels like this gives the average user (provided they can get on during LL business hours) a better chance at "prime" locations in any given region. Obviously there will still be people listening with alts looking to upgrade when regions are dropped but it won't be a horde of them (us) churning through 5 houses per alt seeking the absolute top tier location. You have 30 seconds. Whoever happens to get the best (for whatever personal definition of best) lot..gets it. This is not meant as a judgment on anyone with alts and multiple homes. I have my alts, I've churned through my share of Bellisseria homes.
  10. Based on how fast the homes in the pickle went, how long will a region last.. 27 seconds?
  11. From the current chatter in the groups it seems clear that today's new region has NOT been opened, so I wouldn't walk away yet. I take it with a grain of salt when someone says a bunch of homes were available because in my experience when a house becomes available, I usually see it 3-4 times in quick succession before the system recognizes it as taken. I think that is often what people are reporting. I edited my post because I realized I unintentionally used the same phrasing as @LittleMe Jewell and didn't want it to seem like I was being catty or something, lol
  12. My favourite Tres Beau skin combo looks similar at the neck seam. You could try taking the L (lightness? luminance?) slider down a few points on the Lara HUD. A little goes a long way. Of course this does darken the body ever so slightly, but I don’t find it comes across that way under everyday lighting conditions.
  13. Another angle is its far easier to manage an Instagram account on mobile, the whole platform is geared to that. So you have that connection to your SL social media in the palm of your hand, throwing likes and follows and comments and whatever else people do to gin up followers. Yes flickr has an app but it can't compete in terms of UX. 500k posts tagged #secondlife and many more related hashtags at 10, 20, 50k did surprise me!
  14. A number of SL bloggers and photographers mirror their work on instagram and honestly, at a glance, it looks great because an aspirational image feed for avatars is not far from the ideal of an instagram influencer. It fits! There is an appeal to the idea of a social media account that is entirely my avatar. Instagram would be the place to do it. I’m on Flickr. Dawn doesn’t know what flickr is, she’s eating avocado toast and posting to snap and insta #blessed #yolo #livingmybestlife
  15. The value of premium is still good at $99, that's been covered, but jeez.. even more so if you're already living in Bellisseria. It seems rash to give it up.Don't do it! I spent the last year coveting various pieces of not-ugly mainland before Bellisseria was dropped in our laps and it would be a considerable outlay to match even the most average spot on the new continent. 18 months worth of premium for Horizons, 3 years for Bay City. And in those 18 months, who knows... new themes and enticements. The nature of the alternatives won't change. They could even get cheaper.
  16. I used Arch Linux for years and still have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed on a general purpose home server. I broke down and installed Windows solely for Second Life, because of the continuing rise of "alpha hair" and how more and more of my friends hair started looking like a mess of triangles. See: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8801 Maybe someday that bug will be fixed or, more likely, having seen what the fuss is about I'll go back to my old ways. I miss my tiling window manager.
  17. Ouch! My avatar is bold but I am happy now to live closer to the ground. Except for holes in the fields... Don't use your phone while walking through waist-high grass. 😂
  18. @Elora Lunasea Having lived in many a loft I can say from experience--stand on a chair. I'd be more worried about where the bathroom is!
  19. I went into this thinking the houseboat would inspire me to do something totally different, but I guess I am who I am! I liked this angle.
  20. I like how no one boat has taken over the waterfront. They all have their charms! The Wallover appeals to me because of the possibility of a sitting area at water level, right on the boardwalk. It would have a lovely view from my plot but right now the Windlass is the perfect combination of good views and a sense of privacy. I loved this add-on deck. Well worth the land impact. Playing with ladders. You can simply walk up it or engage a cute animation. It's a bit chunky though, I might look for something lighter. Nothing particularly new here but this snap shows (I hope!) how it flows together. Close enough that I'm back to thinking about the exterior. Even with my boat and a 20LI addon, I've still got 60-70 LI to play with, I could easily clutter this up a little more.
  21. Boutique 187. I'm not really clear on the forum rules about advertising, having received a warning for being too enthusiastic about some sale or another so ... it's ok. I could take or leave it. No affiliation.
  22. Hello, LDPW? I'd like to report an ... issue with my window
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