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  1. Definitely try it! If your concern about proximity is visual, your choice of houseboat* model can mitigate that. Window placement for best view, for the most privacy from neighbors or their things. I think if there's one protected view it doesn't feel tight at all. The locations with rows of boats facing land in one direction and more boats in the other maybe not so much. We all want that corner lot but because of staggered placement or other land features, some boats sandwiched between others have great views. If it's about living in close quarters with people I don't think it's any more or less than on land. I do love my neighbors. One changed the colours of her place to match mine in a very pleasant way (not that I asked or anything!) and the other would certainly loan me an egg if I needed it. That said, as an introvert I think part of good community is knowing when people want to be left alone, and I expect the same % of people recognize that on land or at sea. * Yes, if you're in insurance or real estate "floating home" would be more accurate, but around here houseboat is vernacular for exactly the kind of homes you find on Bellisseria wharves.
  2. Lovely. I always appreciate the outdoor lighting on nighttime bike rides, feels like a real neighbourhood.
  3. I have always struggled with head size because I have a relatively full figure for SL and so what looks proportional sometimes seems huge especially when, as has been noted, a lot of heads appear to be on the small side. Anyway, a wrinkle about head size not mentioned here is that many people camming in to look up your nostrils are using alt-zoom. It's the SL equivalent of walking up close to someone with a wide-angle lens, and in that sense the effect is quite realistic: the center is hugely distorted. Using the ctrl-0 zoom (or phototools view angle setting) is more akin to a digital zoom, which simulates a longer focal length by cropping the original view. This is more "accurate," but if people are viewing and setting their own shapes through an inherently distorted lens, who's to say what's correct, I guess. If you already knew this and thought "Everybody already knew this!" ... I think you'd be surprised. If you didn't know this and think it can't possibly be true, try it and see.
  4. I usually keep my decor and live in it for a couple months. I don't know if that will hold true here, because I still have my mainland home and so I don't feel obliged to make this space functional in the same way. Like this bedroom nook—I can't put new scripts in the bed but it fits the overall feel so I'm happy.
  5. The riverside neighborhood took my breath away. Passing under that big bridge and winding past all those homes was my favourite part of traveling around the continent. I was never much of an explorer but Bellisseria has changed that.
  6. Even with measuring and previewing in world, I went through a few kitchen sets before settling on this one. Now on to the top deck with about 90 LI to spare. And a couple surfboards to at least acknowledge the waterfront setting
  7. Thank you! It’s the Windlass. Oh and there is a window in that little nook that I blocked out
  8. It is strange indeed! Blue walls felt the most harmonious and happened to be the colour of my last home, so it worked out alright. But ...much more jarring if you're going for a lighter look.
  9. Simple work space. Since the dark wall here is baked in I might revisit the colour scheme but I'm trying (trying!) to work with what I've already got. ETA: of course now I can't stop seeing my mouse and keyboard are floating but you get the idea 😂
  10. Windlass houseboat. I kept wanting to make this area the kitchen but the window height felt off. I have seen some using platforms but my thinking is .. when cuddling on the couch we're looking at ourselves anyway, so the view won't go to waste. I mean, in theory.
  11. Maiden voyage. Very proud of my terrible pun and also the weathered look of the name plate. I haven't done much modding so that was very satisfying. But mostly the pun.
  12. @Blush Bravin Lovely! The view from the corner windows of my Windlass sealed the deal. I'm sure I'll try them all at some point. Playing with small details while I mull things over. Most of the top step is within the boundary, enough to do something.
  13. I love the lines on the Barnacle houseboat but the lack of window at the front is a dealbreaker. In that orientation though it's perfect!
  14. I got my first place a year ago and owned no decor so I'm used to buying an entire room worth of stuff every time I have an idea. Typically I start with animations and if the poses I want are in a 17LI sofa, I work around it. I may need to rethink that approach here. I can't be using a bed that rezzes a high impact duvet every time I sit down. I enjoy realistic spaces but won't bother with a bathroom here, a room I typically decorate and then forget about. The kitchen is my favourite place to clutter. Minimal living room and bedroom, cluttered kitchen, cluttered desk. I have an idea for my houseboat based on places I remember from the west coast--hippie, boho, cluttered, eclectic. Most of what I own though is geared to mid-century interiors and overgrown yards, so there will be a lot of shopping. Right now my ideas and L$ balance are at odds. If I can figure out the kitchen I'll be on my way. A butcher block kitchen island, cast iron cookstove, and an electric kettle. Something like that.
  15. My neighbors have helicopters but I wanted something silly. Even a lawn chair moves fast enough for the new security orbs.
  16. Another piece of stained glass. Darker, but transparent up close. The use of alpha for opaque lead with translucent glass is quite convincing.
  17. Whenever I see a choice location I can’t help camming in to see if it’s empty or not. Why do I do that to myself? Well, when I see that it’s obviously lived in, it makes me smile. I moved into my houseboat and saw the person with the absolute best spot on the pier was basically there all day. Enjoy! With all the talk about empty homes though, I must say, riding around at night you can see the lights on in so many homes. It’s really wonderful. I did stop trying to get a second spot. After I got my houseboat I realized ... oh, now I need a boat (or three) not to mention entirely new decor, so I’ll focus on that. I know many more homes will come and my alts will have their day. I mean, they only exist to feed me lindens and tier so of course I’ll eventually want a second home. How can you not use the single best perk available? I wouldn’t feel bad about that, now or later. I do feel bad because for whatever reason I know I could get a house by the end of the day, I am the queen of pressing F5. In fact when I was briefly holding two houses I TRADED one between me and my alt by simultaneously abandoning them. Bold. I wish any other members of the refresh club the same luck 😊
  18. To me, nothing says "houseboat" quite like stained glass. Maybe it's a west coast thing, I dunno. Beautiful piece of artwork, all I did was put it on a prim.
  19. I love photography but never really took to it in SL. Lately I've been trying to take more snapshots. So, I bought a boat. And I liked all these bridges. The uncut lawn and sad badminton net... too real. This place hit the jackpot for rhododendrons. My favourite Linden plant. Little sprinkler going in the yard. Someone's lovely exterior. There are so many. And there's a house at the end of this footpath up into the mountains. Nice spot!
  20. I was about to say this but wasn't sure if it was browser dependent. Having that name pre-filled from a failed attempt is a sure sign you are on your way!
  21. It seemed like every time I abandoned a place, the next one was better. So I assume if I abandon this houseboat I'll get an oceanfront corner? 😂 My first didn't have a fence, that was what motivated me to move. I wanted to save all that LI with a bunch of lovely LDPW landscaping. My last traditional was backed up against the mountains. Really cool looking, with giant old trees, but they cast a huge shadow on my yard for much of the day. It was tough to give up because it was on a main drag with interesting traffic, including planes landing on the other side of the mountain. I am sure someone else will love it.
  22. I was late to the party and since I was able to get my place by simply refreshing long enough, I have been somewhat brazen about abandoning them. I tried at least five traditional homes before accidentally acquiring a houseboat in West End this afternoon. It has a tiny beach with parasols and a sandcastle in front. So cute! I have three premium accounts but really was only planning on keeping one Linden Home. After stumbling into the houseboat though, I think I'll keep it and also try for the traditional home of my dreams. When the new houseboats come on, and also one month after the initial release date are probably good bets for moving day.
  23. When I wander the streets I can find myself momentarily jealous of the prime real estate BUT, honestly, I love the democratic nature of these builds. Even the most standard of plots have little touches to recommend them. I just realized kitty-corner to my backyard there is a riverside breakfast nook, cute! A couple of those stones in the far corner of my yard and it'll feel like the start of that path.
  24. Kitchen and greenhouse. Managing prims isn't too bad! Slightly more difficult is my goal of finishing without buying more stuff. Starting ... now. 😂
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