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  1. I've had pretty good luck with SCS vehicles for road trips. Put it in second on low gear and let it roll. Just need to plan the trip out though. SCS vehicles use batteries and need to be recharged every so often.
  2. I'm trying to to terraform my sim so that it's as flat as possible. However, certain simply won't lower or work so to speak. I have peaks that I can effect at all and other spots that are simply unaffected by the terraforming tool. What could be the issue? How can I fix it? P.S. This isn't my first terraforming, I generally know the basics.
  3. Been gone a bit and came back not long after Covid got going. Figured I would give myself a nice little project. Right now Im trying to create a submarine that can function on prim or mesh based volumetric water. I've made a normal submarine before, but am unsure of how to proceed with non-SL water. Any pointers?
  4. One thing I recommend is to practice with a default body. A lot of things that you can do with a system body are more or less transferable to mesh bodies. So use the system body as something of a rough draft for your future mesh body.
  5. The "problem" with avatars in "Second" Life is simple. In a world where you decide how you look, "most" will choose to look "perfect". When everyone looms "perfect" then no one does. Creating an individual avatar is about what you put into it, how you comport yourself. While in the "First" Life clothes make the man, here the man makes the clothes.
  6. Eh, using RL statistics for SL is inherently flawed. Hypothetically, there could be more lesbians or homosexuals signing up than heterosexuals. Because of that you can have a disproportionate demographic makeup. That wouldn't even necessarily make SL a lesbian or homosexual meet up spot. Just a matter of predominate population.
  7. Gatchas are as much gambling as gumball machines that pop out toys instead of gum. Same principal.
  8. To add to the above. It will also likely be a dae file rather than and obj file.
  9. Find a good roleplay community. They tend to be somewhat welcoming.
  10. Just have to wait a week and you can set it again. In the meantime you can use anyone of the free titlers.
  11. Being branded and therefore copyright it probably got caught in a purge so to speak.
  12. They were probably changing out hamsters at the time this was sent.
  13. Well its more than 30 sims in size. So by definition its a continent. Could be a renovation of premium lands maybe. Each "petal" appears to be themed judging by what is seen.
  14. It is a particle script. You would need to increase the nember of particles or the rate at which they appear. For better answers this should go under the Scripting forum.
  15. For me the drive for realism is encountered in the scifi rp community. Its there because people want to get as close as possible to their fantasy as they can.
  16. I am pretty sure that the pokeball is copyrighted material too......
  17. SL has a pretty good future ahead of it. Dont expect it to die anytime soon.
  18. My newly standard practice is simple enough. If I find something on MP I really want I first check the mesh repositories before buying it. If I find the item on a 3rd party site I would rather just pay the upload fees after I've done the modifications I wanted in blender. If it's something like a rigged or scripted item I will buy it but I am only paying for the work put in. You can save tons of L$ by just doing some background research on the items. Most of the time you can get them very cheaply. Usually a fraction of what the MP offers.
  19. Two thoughts come to mind. One; perfect conditions for speed sailing. Two; I should see if my insurance covers these weather conditions.
  20. The Firestorm support however is quite helpful. File a bug with them and let them know
  21. I have the same issue. Every time I login I see amounts had bern sent to me from months or even a year backs via direct transfer
  22. This doesn't seem as serious as the caps would suggest e.o. You have some performance issues? Welcome to Second Life
  23. This scenario is the same in scifi rp sims. Majority will fail and most are an ego boost for the owners. You have less than a handful that are successful or decent enough to last.
  24. Small rule of thumb when this happens. Stay calm, check the twitter and wait. Nearly every time I get a login failure its because of maintenance. The rest of the time its because I hit capslock somewhere aling the line
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