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  1. Thank you Charlotte While not really a solution it is a very effective and simple work around because other then some of the nicer jewlery (that will still be a problem) and those incredibly anoying Gashca items, almost nothing is transfer these days (Believe it or not I have been in SL nearly a decade and this is the first thing that has frustrated me enough to actually post about) Was hoping for a solution but I feel a bit silly for not thinking of that work around myself
  2. Is there any way to filter out all this GATCHA spam ? Page after page after page of people trying to resell the same items has rendered MP nearly unusable for a guy who just simply wants to find something nice for his partner. Seems every time i look at market place GATCHA spam is more pervasive and takes longer to weed through I guess this is one way to bring back in world shopping, but its become seriously annoying. Is there some way to filter it out of search results ? Or.... Maybe limit all GATCHA items to the 'used item' category ? After-all it is second hand stuff
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