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  1. https://gyazo.com/2418d47192f545bdc1d5b7e5893220ec On Friday May 11 Reds will visit the ancient city of ROME. The club will look totally different and to be more in line with ancient Rome, the party will be a TOGA party. Wear a toga or wear a gladiator outfit, we'll have lions and tigers ready to fight with you to the last blood in the arena. Wear a roman soldier outfit and show us all how its done. 4k for the best costumes and a fantastic line up of DJs. So pass the word around and let's pack this place as they used to pack the Colosseum. see you all at REDS! http://maps.secondlife.
  2. ahh okay so if i mentioned something that happen to me to sudstatiate what I am saying, as an example, i dont show humbleness, I see... anyway, I probably didlook better than most but now i think that trend passed me by.. like i said... so many new already made great looks, even clothes they come as an outfit ready made. often shoes included. and all aiming at individuality , so yes, its hard to be individual now.
  3. In this post i do. Remeber the title? "...according to me". And i was passing on a critique of what i dont like without mentioning names or outfit, just bad taste in my opinion . as someone else might see it same as me, just like for some one else might be very cool.
  4. Actually I don't use a translator lmao. and even spell check is not working as this version of chrome is in italian. soI get only italian spellcheck on every single word i write in English. Argh... frustrating! basically all I am saying is that in 10 years of SL I've seen it all, the full transformation process from standard avatar that only very few knew how to make it look so good that they'd stood out and were hard to replicate to the mesh era, with skins as in already made movie stars looks. To me all that has certanly increased the visual quality but has somehow downgraded that exc
  5. I just find it incredible that so many people had no problem and went on creating importing and even making tutorials and I. with so much experience in 3D modelling and rigging for animation outside second life i cant do a simple process of rigging a cat suit to an avatar using avastar latest version and Blender lates version. 110 joints...? the 12 patters that stitched make the single object could have more than 110 connecting vertices but when i unified the pattern i also welded it so the vertices are connected. so litterally its a single piece. that just needs to be rigged.
  6. Thank you, the owner of avastar Gaia herself was there, i spoke to her and instead of a simple help i got attitude and a full refund of the 10k i paid for avastar, to me absolutelly useless., I'll rig the mesh in my animation program Lightwaveor Maya and it will work, I have no longer need for avastar or any freeware toy animation prgram.
  7. I dont have to leave my sandbox, called acidic, the sim i own and where i have not one, but 2 clubs and... yes, unfotunatelly for you I am Snoopy the owner of Reds International and Hangar 2 strictly techno, and yes i have been lagged out at boiler ohh so many times, as i have DJed in just about every single clubs in SL including Energy, Dance island, underworld, systematic, code 415, aqua, soho, exhel, MoH, QClub, Squte, Prority Hydra and the list goes on and on, so I should ask you... "what are you talking about"? lol Clearly you missed the point, SL is not only clubbing, although i
  8. Rigging for SL in BLENDER 2.79b using Avastar 2.79 and MD 6 personal I think I am an intelligent person, and I do have many years experience in 3D modeling and animation, yet, I simply can not find a logical method which makes some sense to actually rig and import my finished mesh clothes work in second life. I have imported, but solid object which simply ar not rigged to the armature of my inworld avatar. It's perfectly rigged in blender and in "pose" mode i can move the bones and the garment will follow. But after saving it or rather exporting it with all the option correctly flagged, t
  9. disagreeing is fantastic, thats whyt it's a topic for discussion, Each will have their POV and at the end some might even change their point of view. In no way i want to be an authority when it comes to be individualist i can only share what works for me and helps me meet peole who are like me.
  10. heheh i can't beieve how many replays... TY so much No, individualism is not tank tops, hoddies and jeans, but the majority wear that, I also said i wasn't goin to suggest any labels, it would not be right and besides, what I like doesnt necessarely mean it's good. Well.. to me it is, but that's my INDIVIDUALISM. heheheh Yep, call that an intro, i will write more and even give examples, although some of the shots published here show already a lot of creativity and not scared to dare. Great work! again TY for an amazing response. Snoopy
  11. Ok, that's an easy one... for many. But for those that are still obscurelly searching for an answer, well... The answer is knowing who you are. I could say, "would like to be" but that requires a constant effort and let's face it, if you're here regularly in world. you'd have came to relax and being someone else is hard work. Sooner or later, the real you emerges and takes over that, by now, long gone or lost interest in it person you wanted to be. It's a natural process and most every one go through it. This brings a "new life" in any gamer's world, in Second life, an ALT! That doesn't mea
  12. OH MY GAWD! What an attitude.. This is the typical trolls I have seen so much in SL and frankly I want to stay away from. Not only you are ranting about things you haven't got a clue, but you also lack knowledge and you assume a hell of a lot.. You have no idea who you are debating with. You know nothing about my experience but seam to have a great time commenting negativelly about anything I wrote. Your comments on this are as helpfull as a can of camel escrements in a desert full of flyes. Thank you, how ever for coming out in the open and showing everyone the kind of person you are. A
  13. dont need advertising, but TY this is getting more and more absurd. It's really laughable. paragraph breaks next time I'll get my agent to proof read it before I post un such a litterate social network as Second life.. hahahah
  14. Well, I thought I wrote this to help some people. But coming to think of it you don't need any help. I can see the trolls are alive and well, and further more if you think a DJ takes requests and just puts records on, next time use a jukebox and start your line dancing routine. I'm done here. Have a wonderful new year and a great SL. ya all. lmao
  15. Hehehe newbie? me....? lmao, Over 9 Years on SL hahah Newbie my ass. I think look at target is actually a fun way to talk without saying anything, it's part of the game of SL, Some people are too shy to say anything to pepel they don't know, yet they might like a particular avatar, Let's be honest, many people will not admit this but experience tells me otherwise, most avi are looking for a partner if they haven't got one or in some cases are open to upgrade their current one for a better looking one. So much shallow and materialistic SL can be. Mind you, Not everyone will fall
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