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  1. OK, thanks for your help but I wasted an age trying to rectify it then it was so simple. I checked the individual ao settings and "group share" was not checked so I went through all 40 changing that (that was a helluva experience because you have to wait a few seconds after changing each one and then it sets your view of the list of ao's back to the start so you have to scroll through them again and, for the life of me, I couldn't understand what group share had to do with anything) and just got to the second to last one and realised that it had all been a waste of time because it had "no copy" on it (I should have read your first sentence properly and checked first, lol!). So, including that one in selecting the group of ao's as a whole, was preventing the copy of any of them to the inventory folder. Why it didn't copy all of them except that one is beyond belief. Anyway, all fixed and thanks for your help.
  2. This is what the pertinent (I assume) permissions look like for the two objects. I can drag the ao's from the left hand one to a folder, no problem but neither my friend or I (after she has sent it to me) can drag the ao's from the right hand one. The only difference is the Anyone: Move box isn't checked (and we can't check it) in the right hand one and E: has no parameters, as opposed to the left hand one that has V T (and I can't find the explanation for those anywhere).
  3. Why would I need to? She has sent me her hud. Doesn't that make me the owner? Why can't I extract the ao's from it when I can extract them from my own version of the same hud? What is preventing her from extracting the ao's? Anyway, she doesn't have a problem using the dance floor hud.
  4. I have a hud that contains dance animations. I have a dance floor which has a hud that contains dance animations and it can be added to. I copied the ao's from the first hud to the second by editing the first one, dragging them to an inventory folder, then editing the second one and dragging them to it from the folder (ooi, can I edit two objects simultaneously?). My friend, who is also an officer in my group, at the property where the dance floor is, has essentially the same hud as me with a different set of dance animations. I assumed that she could send me her hud and I could use the same process to copy them to my dance floor hud. I get the hud from her ok but when I try to drag the ao's to a folder it won't let me. So, I figured that she could drag them to a folder and then send me that folder but she can't do it either. The only difference I can see is that the Anyone: Move box on the first tab is not checked. We both have "You can modify this object" but neither of us can check that box and it appears (and, I may be wrong) that is that preventing us dragging the ao's to the folder. I'm a bit naive with regard to permissions. So, how is the ability to check that Move box controlled? ...or is something else preventing us extracting the ao's? ...or am I using the wrong approach?
  5. Thanks Tamara, I must admit that I hadn't thought of that trick. Of course, if it is a long way from 1:1 it can look pretty ugly but it is worth thinking about and, of course, you don't have to use black Thanks ImnotgoingSideways, I don't have any problem dealing with sizing for objects, I often create artwork for my walls and I just never thought of sending people a prim, as opposed to a texture. I guess I didn't think enough However, I still think that, in a complex game like this, there is no reason that a texture can't be displayed automatically in its original aspect ratio (or that determined by the creator) or close enough.
  6. Is there any way, if you send an image (texture) to someone, to force it to be viewed by the recipient in its original aspect ratio (or close enough) so that the recipient doesn't have to fiddle around with viewer sizing?
  7. òk BilliJo helped me resolve it. When the rectangular board is taken down to ground level (instead of on the roof) it is obvious that it doesn't cover all of the decking and that piece that isn't covered is equivalent to the piece of grass that I am missing. It's all about perspective. I apologize to everyone.
  8. Thanks Qie. I did say approx. Please see the additional info. I have provided.
  9. Thanks for your informative post. Please see the additional material I have provided.
  10. Please read my post again and see the additional material I have provided.
  11. Read my post again and see the additional material I have provided.
  12. I don't know if this helps you understand it better. Top left picture is view from above house. Bottom left is showing the board I have put on the roof, covering the balcony and the decking area you can see sticking out from the side of the house and the grass area that is a continuation of that decking in front of the house (i.e. between those two trees and the house). The right hand picture shows the board from a different view to show what it is covering a bit better. It is all approximate but close enough... The size of the board (14.21x35.46) indicates 504m2 which is close enough to 512m2. However, I am not allowed to use that grass patch (nor any area past the ends of the house or on the other side, which you would expect). To me, it looks pretty obvious that the grass area running from my front door to the end of the house, matching the width of the decking, should be mine to use. However, when I show the boundaries that piece of grass is excluded so, no way do I have 512m2.
  13. I just recently upgraded to premium and chose a home. The home itself is fine and I have accumulated enough stuff to make it habitable but I don't seem to have 512m2 of land available. The house and attached decking form a L shape and the remaining area within the rectangle that the L sits in is not available to me (I can't rez there and anything that I move there is returned to its former position). I have effectively lost approx. 57m2 (approx. 11%). The knowledge base is a bit ambiguous/unclear about whether you are entitled to 512m2 of space with a SL home although it does say "Your Linden Home must remain as it came on its 512m2 parcel." I have raised a support ticket with SL but I was wondering if others had noticed whether or not they were getting the full allocation.
  14. I am using latest FS release. I have rented apartments with max prim counts and a house with a prim count where I have requested increases in prims several times. At one of the apartments I kept two puppies, animated, that were each 6 LI, which I assumed equated to 6 prims each and my (15 max) prim count showed as having 3 remaining. No one ever complained that I had exceeded the max. However, now I am renting a skybox from a friend with a max prims of 1000. I have been building it up and, mindful of the max, I have been doing area searches and totalling the prims (why you have to do it manually as they don't give you a total is beyond me). Four times out of five there is nothing in the LI column, just "...". I first noticed that a shack, added by a friend, when edited, showed as 11 LI and yet in the area search showed as 2 prims with ... in the LI column. I then noticed that the two puppies that I had moved from the apartment showed as 6 LI and 12 prims each in area search. Someone on FS support says that they are, consequently, only 6 prims each. Which explains why I never exceeded the prim count at the apartment but it makes a mockery of trying to determine the prim count at my skybox, in order to satisfy the max prims allowed there.
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