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  1. Not necessarily timezone, just people who can relate to my cultural perspectives. And if you can't relate to my perspectives in my culture, then you at least gotta be a lit, funny individual
  2. Hey, so I am a bit new to SecondLife, and currently still am in the noob phase. I notice a lot of people using mesh? bodies and heads, so I am curious which ones y'all would recommend. Also, being that I am broke on this game lol, where would be the best place to find clothing, hair, skins, and basic essentials for classic avatars/no mesh?? I have seen so many cute stuff, but then i find out that is for mesh bodies I would really appreiate any help/recommendations y'all could toss my way. I may be financial UNstable, but I deserve to look smexy too
  3. Heyy, I'm "new" to SecondLife, and have not really met any friends here yet... It;d be cool to meet some fellow west africans/africans on this game too! Or even if your not african, but you are super lit, and fun, just HMU and add me
  4. Heyy, I actually played Smallworlds too, and looking for some friends!! You should add me! Lol
  5. I'm currently looking for a job!! Doesn't really matter what position except, I am NOT looking to work in a club!! Please comment below on this thread, or message me in world for any job opportunities available, thanks!
  6. When you get your business started up, please let me know because I would like to be an adviser!!
  7. Hey! New to SL, seeking a job ATM to get some $$...Is there an account age restriction? I am a quick learner.
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