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  1. Ahh I see, well after having looked at them, the pre-built house will be more than adequate for my intentions. Originally, I was here to just study SL, but now I'm enjoying it that much having a home will be fantastic. Also, (brace yourselves another really noobie question) can you add decorations like furniture to them or do you have to keep them as is?
  2. Well, when I first posted this I was really apprehensive about the likelihood of me managing to get my own affordable space in SL. Now I feel much better about it! Thank you very much for helping me out Nalytha!
  3. Realistically, I'm still new here. So, one of the pre-made homes is much better than anything I could possibly create at this point. Also, they are 15 minute interviews done once, so I'm sure one of those homes will do fine. Sorry to ask again, but is it really as simple as paying the say £20 for a quarterly premium membership and the home is mine for no additional cost for that quarter? When I see how much land is going for in general, this seems cheap!
  4. Thank you very much for your reply. To be honest, I was looking at the prospect of becoming a premium member regardless of my research, so if one benefits the other that's just a bonus. If I am understanding you correctly, do you mean that if I was to purchase premium and sign up for one of the 512 homes they provide, there's no additional cost, other than the premium fee? If that's the case that sounds like the best option. Also, I could potentially put a room in the sky above it? I mean the space they provide, in regards to a house itself may be sufficient for the purposes of this research. Ideally, I would like to continue to have my 'own place' in SL after I have finished anyway so is that renewable with continuous payment of the premium fee?
  5. Hello, I am looking to own or rent the cheapest land possible for the next year or so. I am not 100% convinced that purchasing any SL lot would be worthwhile due to the minimal amount of space I need. So, if possible, could you direct me into what sort of thing I'm looking for if I write out what I need? (Also, just something very noobie here, is renting land in the sky substantially cheaper, in general, then other options). I need: - A small space (small room ideally) - Which would only need to contain walls a ceiling, a desk and two chairs. - Location not relevant (can literally be anywhere, any height ect) Background: I'm hosting interviews on the nature of personas on Second Life. To pass ethical requirements, I must host them in land which is not public and accessible by third parties. Therefore, it needs to be its own space, if you get me (in this case, an interview room). What would be the most feasible and effective way to do this?
  6. Hello everyone, I am relitivley new here and really having a hard time meeting anyone new. It seems like where ever I go, the rooms either silent, or just not noticing me. I really want to make friends through this site and I spend a lot of time wandering from one place to the next hoping to meet people but nothings working. Any tips or anything that could help?
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