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  1. Are there any plans to make a queue or maybe enlarge the amount of people able to get in one region? I've been trying to get into Uber ever since it opened. I've left my computer running with an auto-teleporter for almost 20 hours now since I didn't really need the computer for anything else. And I haven't been able to get in yet. I know I'm going to get in eventually once the hype dies down, but it'd be nice to test all the demos available as well.
  2. So, I noticed that some people managed to have realistic physics for the breasts, on a mesh body. Even during adult animations. I'm wondering how, considering my avatar's breasts are just like solid rock on my chest when I'm moving around the world. Despite wearing physics in Firestorm Viewer.
  3. I'd like to thank you both so much for the assistance. The issue was indeed the eye-tracking to my cursor as I moved it around. I turned the tracking off, and they quit going all over.
  4. Yes, my lookat is blocked in Firestorm. Well! Seems like I'll be sticking to Firestorm. Not like there's anything wrong with Firestorm, just wanted to use Black Dragon for picture making. But no point if eyes roll all over the place.
  5. I've tested Black Dragon viewer. Absolutely love it. Strange thing, though. My avatar's eyes are going all over the place, literally. They are supposed to go around a bit due to animations, AO and the eyes itself. But they are literally turning around unrealistically and just.. going all over the place. While in Firestorm and other viewers, the eyes are just fine.
  6. I've got a question regarding windlight settings. I often find myself struggling with the windlight settings, because it usually shows my avatar with either super pale, glowing skin or yellow skin or something inbetween. My graphics are all the way bumped up. Texture bumpiness is also fine, resolution is fine. I just cannot find any good windlight setting. I'm looking for a windlight setting that I can use to roleplay with. That is both realistic, not too bright but also makes my avi's skin come off as normally pale. As it is supposed to be, in this pictures below. (credits to images go
  7. Thanks so much for the help, Rhonda! Been logged in on SL briefly so didn't get to test it out yet, have had little time this week. But I am hoping to get to it this weekend.
  8. Yes, I've got that in general when customizing my avi. I'm always ripping my hair out to no end because it's just so difficult. Especially when you don't know every good store out there. And thank you for the lenghty explanation, Skell. I will have to try a lot of demos for the different bento heads. I've tried Catwa and Lelutka bento heads so far, not a big fan of Genesis Lab.
  9. Thank you for the many replies! I've checked out the link ChinRey sent, which has been a bit helpful but it's still quite difficult. As for the mesh head, I've just been testing some mesh heads myself yesterday. Just to mess around, slapped some old skins I had laying around on it and so forth. It's not a very unique look but I like it. I'm uncertain if I'll go with it, as Chase01 and many others advised me, go with bento. And this head I'm wearing on the image below is the CATWA Destiny static one. So yeah.. I am looking for something unique, something adorable but mature. I've tried qu
  10. A mix between Pear and Hourglass. I'm usually leaning to petite in my shapes. Which is difficult to find on the marketplace because usually people have like huge butts and stuff!
  11. Yep! I'm terrible at shapes, because I'm tinkering with shapes like 6 times a week to adjust sliders to the left or right only slightly everytime.
  12. Hello everyone! I've been on SL for quite some time. I'm a roleplayer and I'm trying to make my avatar as realistic as possible in SecondLife. My avatars are usually quite natural in appearance and not on edge. What I've always found difficult from of day 1 in SecondLife was finding my personal style within SecondLife. It's always a matter of mixing, matching. Buying a lot of things before you get things right but for someone on a budget, that's not always possible. Someone like me. I've had the bad experience of purchasing things in the past but they ended up looking way different in my
  13. I've previously changed my display name but realized I made a spelling mistake in it. So I was trying to figure out how to change it again, but I couldn't. I figured if I press the reset button, it'd go back to the name it was before and I could again change it. Which was dumb of me, because now I have no display name at all. Is there a way to contact someone who can change my display name for me?
  14. Since the last update I've had Firestorm Viewer that keeps crashing whenever I log in, unless I quickly teleport somewhere else. The crash report doesn't give specific details but whenever I teleport somewhere else after I log in, to avoid crashing, I get this (picture below), and it doesn't dissapear. I actually have to detatch it. It's really weird.
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