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  1. support does not give support. for those about 50 times that I applied for support, I have never been provided with qualified assistance. on the contrary, when I asked to protect me from a famous "merchant" who by threats and obscene expressions and insults demanded to remove the objectionable review, I asked for an investigation. as a result, my own account was frozen for three days without any explanation. Also, for example, during a griefer attack, my property was damaged - the scripts stopped functioning, I asked for help, but I received only the on-duty phrases “we are very sorry”. fo
  2. How to deal with dishonest buyers? a few days ago I received a 1star review in which my product was called non-working junk and urged not to spend money. within a few hours I contacted the buyer. I thanked for the review, made a refund and asked what exactly does not work. but the buyer refused to explain and stated that they had already purchased another item. I flagged review and after waiting a day I turned to support. I was advised to flag review. omg, of course I flagged it before contacting them! who do they take me for ?! I replied that I had already flagged it. I was told to wait.
  3. Yes its a list of materials uuids for each button. EDIT: Yay! I already got it! Thank you!!!
  4. And the new list will look like?: // button & texture uuid list settings = [ "BTN1","diff1","norm1","spec1", "BTN2","diff2","norm2","spec2", "BTN3","diff3","norm3","spec3" ]; And how to pass/receive normal and specular here?
  5. Hello! Thanks for answer! but how llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast will look here like? llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast (PRIM_1, [ PRIM_TEXTURE,FACE_1, (_TargetPrimLinknr,(key)llList2String(data,1),vTargetPrimFace),<1,1,0>,ZERO_VECTOR,0.0, PRIM_NORMAL,FACE_1,NORMAL_1,<1,1,0>,ZERO_VECTOR,0.0, PRIM_SPECULAR,FACE_1,SPECULAR_1,<1,1,0>,ZERO_VECTOR,0.0,WHITE,85,15]); I am just pretty lost here.
  6. Thanks for the answer! yes the script uses llSetLinkTexture. the sender script looks like: string product_id = "object_name"; // ------------------------------------------- string vApplierPassword = "password"; integer vApplierChannel = 1234; // button & texture uuid list settings = [ "BTN1","texture_uuid", "BTN2","texture_uuid", "BTN3","texture_uuid" ]; default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { string btnid = llGetLinkName(llDetectedLinkNumber(0)); integer line = llListFindList(settings,[btnid]); if(line != -1){ s
  7. Hello! please help with scripts! i need to turn the texture changer scripts(sender/receiver) into material texture changer. it uses uuids. There are two scripts. for primmy hud with 3 buttons. I have already posted this request in the job section, but just in case, here too. I understand scripts quite a bit. maybe just tell me what needs to be done, if not difficult.
  8. SOLVED! Hello! Scripter wanted! Need to modify texture changer (uuids) hud/reciever scripts to materials texture changer hud/reciever. I have two scripts for non mesh hud/mesh clothing. Please, leave your message here! Reward 1000 ls. edit: i will explain for now i have two scripts - sender and receiver. sender is in primmy (not mesh) hud with 3 buttons, uses simple (diffuse only) textures uuids list. receiver is in mesh clothes. but i need it to work with materials textures uuids (diff, norm, spec). of course, will send scripts full perm. please, help!
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