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  1. Hi! Care free, fun loving female looking for roomies. I don't have a home to offer up for cohabitation, but would love to rent a spare room. I would prefer a female roomate(s). I don't mind males as long as they respect me and not consider this some prolonged booty call - which it is NOT. ^.^ Simply put - my ideal roomie situation would be a home with active roomates who might enjoy ordering a pizza and watching movies or tv shows, going out, hanging out, playing games like UNO or Chatterbox, having a barb-q, having friends over.. whatever! Message me here or inworld! I'm l
  2. Lovely! Thank you so much Amethyst! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: You are my forever FRIEND! *grins*
  3. Hi! I have been trying to find this sofa and the chairs in the photo. It's taken from the Marketplace home page. I tried looking up the photographer, but can't find the name. Does anyone know where I can get the furniture please? 
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