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  1. I posted pictures of both earlier, plus there are some on little islands of around 4-5 houses sharing a common sandy area.
  2. I've seen two so far and got neither one.
  3. Someone offline asked for pics, I am just flying around taking a few.
  4. I think this is a good idea. It seems new accounts seem to have a better grasp on mesh bodies and BOM. I see some 10+ year old accounts that could use some advice. In a world where you can be anything you want and dress however you want, it baffles me why some choose to look so dated. I am not suggesting a ton of lindens need to be spent either. Genus is giving away their Strong head for free right now, that's a 5000L head, for free. I see some female avatars I can only assume are men (and yes, I have met quite a few who ARE men). I would say 2000-5000 based on the level and complexity of the
  5. Have you tried The Skinnery? They have skins with freckles but I don't know about moles. Or maybe try BOM? With BOM you could buy a freckles/mole layer to go on your skin. Removing a demo skin, you need to reapply whatever skin you were wearing before you tried on the demo. I struggled with that too for a bit.
  6. Genus Classic, no shape, no mod, just as is.
  7. Thank you. I note that it never says voice verified as what, lol.
  8. I see a lot of profiles with "voice verified" listed. Does Linden Labs do voice verification?
  9. Those that collar someone or allow themselves to be collared within a day also demonstrate how much they don't know about BDSM.
  10. Thank you for the tip on the deformer, I tried that it works perfectly!
  11. I decided to buy the body. I am loving it so far, even though there are a few hiccups. I have not been able to get the shoe deformer to work properly so that is a wash. Also, does anyone else notice she seems to have a bit of hammertoe/bunions, lol. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had a lot more clothes in my closet that are made for TMP Legacy than I thought. Some just say Legacy so I was confused, thinking they meant the SL bodies. I also found a couple of my fav designers have recently been making clothes for TMP Legacy. The body is amazing, really it is. One of the best things i
  12. I am really on the fence about purchasing this body. I tried the demo and I think it's such a beautiful body. I wear Maitreya now and also have Slink Physique. TMP Legacy is by far the most beautiful mesh body I have seen. I did try Belleza but found it to be kind of, how should I say this, clunky looking. The deformer now comes with the demo but I was unsuccessful at getting it to work. Sighs. I would definitely purchase this body if only I could be sure clothes would fit properly and/or if designers started making tons of clothes for it. I remember when I first switched to mesh and how frust
  13. They do look a little mad, lol. IF you can get the animations to work properly and pick the right expressions, that kinda softens them up a bit.
  14. I have worn Catwa, Lelutka, Genus and recently Akeruka. Catwa - Never liked my Catwa heads that much and they are also so common, everyone has one. Genus Classic and Baby Face - I like the Baby Face the best, to me these are very expressive heads and while the HUD seem complicated at first, I quickly got used to it. Lelutka - The first mesh head I feel in love with and the one I wear the most. Akeruka - Most recently bought a couple Akeruka heads and I love how unique they are. The animations are not the best but I have learned to live with it. I chose each one of the
  15. I ran into an issue getting a home. I already own a 512 parcel and when I FINALLY had a chance at one of the new linden homes, I got an error message telling me my tier fee needed to be updated. Went and did that in a separate screen and poof, linden home was gone. I have given up because I do not want to update and pay a higher tier fee on the off chance that I might get one.
  16. The logo in the upper left corner is Genus. Maybe they are eyes that are either available for or come with the Genus head?
  17. Right, however with poly relationships, everyone is on board and understanding and trust is the key to success. What I am referring to is when the 1st party starts a relationship with the 2nd party and the 3rd party spouse is in the dark. I would personally be leery of entering into a friendship+ with someone who had a partner/spouse and that partner or spouse either didn't know or didn't approve. I believe that is setting yourself up for disappointment and hurt feelings.
  18. What I do not understand is, even when you say you don't want any RL connection, why get involved with someone who clearly has either a SL or RL partner? Most are not cool with their partners friending or seeing other people on a regular basis. They will either be lying to you or to their SL/RL partner. Is that the kind of person you want to be around? Someone who sneaks around to be with you?
  19. Thanks for the information. I did read the description and found it confusing. I didn't know warning others to read a description carefully would be a cause for flagging and removing a review. It did indeed state it was a skybox and then later that only the landscape was included. Which led me to believe various items such as trees and rocks were not included. Never did it state the product was a platform. Perhaps I am wrong and a landscape is indeed a platform. I just wondered if a seller doesn't like a review if they can remove and relist an item to negate the review.
  20. I have a different question on this topic. Is it permissible to delete an item with a so-so review and relist it? I recently left a review for a product I bought and in looking through the merchants other items, I ran across the one I purchased and my review was gone. I double checked my account to make sure it was the same item I purchased and lo and behold, the link did not work anymore but yet it was still listed by the seller. The "leave a review" is not available to me as it says I have to purchase the item first. But I did purchase the item. This leaves me to believe it was deleted and r
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