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  1. Not gonna reply to 16 pages of arguing, but SL already has a form of decay timer; If you stop paying, your parcel goes away. Lots of areas of the mainland are abandoned for this very reason. Decay timers in games serve to ensure that real estate that is taken is taken by active players to avoid there being a limited supply. SL doesn't have this problem to fix. There's ample supply on the mainland. It sounds like the issue at hand is more about there being a more cohesive and appealing mainland. I don't think that's really going to be something a decay timer would tackle.
  2. The brand Anhelo. They used to make a lot of gacha sets, but also sold full sets copy/mod of their buildings. The creator hasn't logged in since 2019, but their mainland was still paid for until this month. They made a lot of Japanese architecture from the 1950s-1970s including appliances, kitchens, shops etc. It was some of my fav. Their gacha exchange machines continued to work until their mainland went away. I wish I could recover some of my old no-copy stuff of theirs.
  3. I am surprised they do not have a secure web form or other means of providing this information. I deal with SSNs at work all the time and we end nearly every email with a reminder not to send that or other sensitive info over email.
  4. Re: Battery. It drains about as fast as any other 3D game, I'd say it's on par with pokemon go when you keep it active. My phone does warm up some but not much, unless I charge and run the app at the same time.
  5. Just got the alpha installed and time to begin testing. It's an Alpha for sure, limited capabilities and some bugs, but the foundation feels solid so far. I'll save my deeper feedback for official channels though.
  6. Any Co-branded debt card (a debit card connected to a current account that shows a Visa or MasterCard logo) should work just fine, but you can always check with your bank if there are any issues.
  7. I think the answers to your questions are more likely to come from a tax specialist in your area than LL themselves.
  8. I'm wary of any rating or number system even without incentive. I understand the need to gameify some of the social experience because it helps push people out of their comfort zones and into new things. Upvote / favorites/ karma/ headpats whatever aren't really a good example of what I want to see in SL. I've been in communities with similar systems and overall I think it was a social net negative. In the past in a different SL it may have lead to a lot of social events and such, but this is SL of 2023. Online behaviour shifts and changes over time, and I don't see this having a net positive effect.
  9. I'd vote for optional (default off) sounds. I wouldn't mind my small groups alerting me when messages come in but I wouldn't want that for larger groups. But in general groups could really do with an overhaul. This past year I moved from a roleplay group that used SL for everything to one that uses Discord to manage itself. The second group is far more social and it's far easier to get answers and communicate with my fellow players. Information isn't lost after 2 weeks when notices disappear.
  10. This doesn't really seem like it's within LL's capabilities or concern to moderate.
  11. Can you point me to them? Last time I shopped around most were over 7500. I've had my current one for awhile. I'm not above moving to save money long term, much as I like my current company.
  12. This is something I've wanted for a long time, as I much prefer a homestead for the privacy. I share one right now with a friend. Doing the math based on my current rental (7200/week) it comes out to a little more when taking into account the L stipend. It might be worth it just to have full control and avoid issues like my rental company going under. I'll consider it in the new year. This is doing the math for 365 days of rental and not just short-handing 4 weeks = one month.
  13. Any appear offline feature would be for use as a means to not signal to your friends you are online. It would fail as a privacy tool. Scripted objects can track your online status. That said, I still think that an online status option would be a net benifit. Arguments about what development time should be spent on miss the point that not every developer or employee of LL is going to be working on the same part of a product or be qualified to. Whoever handles the backend of the forums might not be qualified to code a new option into the viewer. The person who codes a new option into the viewer might not be the one working on the engine or netcode for improvements.
  14. It's my very favorite ride of all time! Im about as far from FL as you can get and still be near an international airport in North America so my trips are every few years now. I'll have to locate the surl of the one in SL as it was very lovingly created.
  15. I know somewhere on the grid someone has recreated the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland... I always enjoyed that.
  16. If I want something I don't wait to buy it, but I buy the occasional sale as an impulse buy. My friend I share a homestead with has their store there and weekend sales drive tons of traffic and buyers, which always makes them happy.
  17. I always feel like it's either frequented by a social group I don't know who all post about each other or it's just screaming into the void and nobody knows anyone posted.
  18. I'd say 95% of my Blocklist is spam or a persistent creepy guy who used to post ads looking for 'girls who were submissive when younger' from endless throwaway accounts. But even that amounts to only around 60 accounts. And honestly I think I could safely clear the spam ones as they've all likely been banned.
  19. I find it difficult as well to interact with a lot of child roleplayers for a similar reason. Though I find there is a big difference between someone who is acting like a child and only speaking like a two year old would, and someone using emotes to convey the character they play is young but cleary written by an adult, and can respond normally out if character. The second one doesn't bug me, but it needs to be at the right place or time.
  20. Maybe. Paypal is a payment gateway that also stores money. You can carry a balance on PayPal or even do your banking from it (which I cannot strongly enough urge people NOT to use it for that.). The storage of funds is what makes them have to act as lender and bank. From what I can tell Tilia is just a payment processor. They make money go from point a to b. Any stored value someone has is in their second life account. That distinction might matter to the EU but I'm sure that's something for a lawyer to worry about.
  21. They already could be and we wouldn't know right away as it's rarely obvious. Hard market to break into though.
  22. I sometimes do KYC reviews for the company I work for when our verification team falls behind. I once had Visa accept a picture of someone holding today's newspaper at their address with the house numbers visible holding their ID, because they lived mostly off-grid and produced their own power via solar. If you don't have the requested information, get creative. Have your parents sign a date a rental agreement, for instance.
  23. There's a reason analysts were calling this a grift from the beginning.
  24. This guy isn't at all the first to do this. In the IRL BDSM community Goreans have been active since the 90s or earlier. There's a sizable subculture of it, which I became aware of when a friend of mine entered into a Gorean household as a submissive. After her experience there (she is out and ok now), I have nothing good to say about that group.
  25. Like others have said, where there are vulnerable people, there will be those who try to take advantage of them. That doesn't necessarily mean an organized cult though. I can think of terribly abusive roleplay or social groups I've seen in SL that use tactics that cults do to keep members. (Isolation, financial abuse, gaslighting, etc) I think it's very possible groups that fit more of the cult definition than that could exsist. but who knows maybe cults like Love Has Won and Westboro have secret SL meeting locations. 🤔 I would genuinely hope not though.
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