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  1. Being able to match an RP partners style is a great skill, imo. It makes things flow so much nicer. To keep things a little on topic, my irritation comes down to one particular problem that bothers me. Micromanaged RP: This isn't having a lot of rules or strict rules, but micromanagement of every small factor of a roleplay. I've walked out of sims or RP when there was admin/ownership control over things that just honestly shouldn't be their place. Best example of this I can remember was an urban RP sim and friend and I considered joining so we attended one of their town halls. We w
  2. I've always found the third vs first person debate a bit interesting. I see it listed often as a hard limit in RP for some. Personally, I roleplay in third person because I'm playing a character, not myself. That seems to be the rationale I hear in most RP sims that enforce third person RP. I would be curious to hear reasoning why some folks prefer first person!
  3. I have 3 alts. Bitterthorn is my primary with all my building / scripting and my more serious long-term roleplay. Alt 2 is male, used for my male characters in roleplay. Alt 3 is my short term RP alt and my one I explore with to check new places out, or when I'm not looking at being bothered while online.
  4. This is a difficult question because how you phrase and plan your rules has a huge impact on the type of players you get / nurture in your sim. I love to give people as much freedom as possible but it's easy for one or two people to take that freedom and bash others over the head with it til it's not fun for anyone. On the flip side if you have rules too strict and complex you tend to attract folks looking for that structure who might be more prone to rules lawyering and self policing can enter bullying territory if not watched carefully. I've found that my balance between the two
  5. You would be best checking out their website: http://foxhollowsl.com as they have their rules and rental information there.
  6. A relationship is built on a genuine emotional connection, which means that a SL relationship is no different than any long distance friendship/romantic/etc relationship. It's up to each person to decide what that means to then, but they need to be honest with the others who are involved. If a second life relationship to you is just something online with no expectation that it is any more real than a roleplay, you want to tell your partner that
  7. Fox Hollow allocates a reasonable amount of prims but what you're paying for is the neighborhood / town setup. It's definitely not comparable to a private parcel, price wise.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Amina. I am extremely familiar with the source material, and it's creator. While Gor is not BDSM the Kink/BDSM community in my part of the world has a fairly strong Gorean subculture representation-- or at least it did. Not but a few years ago some of the more public masters were arrested (details of which make my stomach turn) and another is locked in an ongoing legal battle related to the downright horrific abuse that permeates the Gorean IRL community. I wondered if the online community, removed from the real life control aspect, would be tied to the same a
  9. Do online Gor communities have the same issues as the IRL BDSM ones? Genuine question, it's never been my thing so I've never looked at the SL gor groups.
  10. Gonna put a big fat [Citation needed] here. You see a lot of people spout both completely fictitious and harmful stuff like this all the time. Have some compassion, dude. I don't much like the way this whole thread is framed with a smug air either but sex workers are both actual people (and not sex objects to be shamed/abused) and have the same depth of relationships as other people. Same with poly or open people. And just like monogamous folks, they can also deal with relationship issues and problems. The difference is that people tend to immediately blame whatever it is they don't like
  11. Threads like this just make me sad. I've been in a Polyarmous relationship (with the same people) for a decade. My life is happy and stable and I have what works best for us. I also deal with people telling me my family structure is invalid / I'm a whore / you'll grow out of it / blah blah blah. I also hear from other poly people sometimes some really incorrect or dumb things about monogamy-- this 'we are so enlightened for being poly' bull*****. Nobody is enlightened by declaring one type of relationship is valid or feeling smug and superior. Attention seeking posts like this
  12. In many ways voice is more direct and clear, and it is harder to hide who you are via voice. For a lot of people seeking a relationship voice is a must because they are opening up a lot of vulnerability to someone. Obviously there's no need for anyone to be a jerk about it though. But you can still find friends and connections without voice. They're out there! Look for voice-free clubs.
  13. Someone's real life issues are not something you play pretend with. Offering to listen to someone discuss their troubles is one thing but presenting yourself as a councilor or therapist is dangerous territory. No accredited or licenced therapist should to open themselves up to the legal and moral trouble something like this could bring. Second Life is not a secure place for this. You can find dozens of horror stories of people trying to do this online and using the private information they learn to blackmail or abuse vulnerable people. I'm not saying that is your intention, but this is n
  14. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions, everyone! I got shown around Izzie's yesterday and picked up a new BOM skin from Session and it's really looking good. I'll take a look at stray dog for my male Avi later too!
  15. If investors are to blame it wouldn't be because of some shady reason. Changing financial backing for a company can mean a lot of internal movement and work, so it would make sense the Lindens are really busy this month!
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