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  1. I am not guilty at all about my lusty pleasures. But I am 100% guilty about my love of Gachas and lootboxes. I am such a sucker for slot machines and the like. I don't even really care if I get rare things, just the act of pulling a slot machine arm is a joy. It's why I have very very strong rules with myself about not going to casinos or gambling IRL... but in second life I'll happily drop 3000 Linden at a gacha event on a whim. Yes, I know that's small change and there are people who spend that per machine but honestly I just have an inventory full of ***** I never use because of
  2. Oh perfect. Though now to resist finding ways to improve my Sim's SEO. 🤔 I already spent enough time in my day job with that.
  3. It is absolutely likely they are using the programmable search engine, but I wouldn't know for sure unless someone from LL has spoken about it openly. That said, the key word there is programmable. However the search works for SL will be wholly unique to SL.
  4. Comparisons to Google are moot. Second Life's search engine is not Google's search engine.
  5. I am absolutely using SL to hide my nefarious real life. Here, I'm a cuddly purple dragon. In real life I am a 1000 year old swamp hag.
  6. So... The drama of your other thread started to get too serious and you had to make another loaded one? Generally people here will not care about who you are behind the screen. We don't interact with you in person. We only interact with the way you present yourself here, and that is the authentic experience we get, and as you can see from the thread, most people are adverse to it. A picture of you doesn't change that experience any more than a picture of your avatar would.
  7. Anyone else reminded of the rambling style of those YouTube ads with people claiming they have get-rich-be-your-own-boss secrets they are willing to sell? 🤔
  8. Sad Rant: My two very favorite restaurants closed in the last month. One was a cozy nerdy themed pub where I always felt at home, the other was a more fancy/expensive dining place that holds many fond memories. They couldn't have avoided it. Not a year into the pandemic. There was no way for small venues like that to work.
  9. I don't mind scripted systems to handle RP things. Clunky combat systems, RP huds, etc. Bloodlines doesn't really work like a lot of the others I've seen though. I spent some time recently playing with the system on and alt because it had been mentioned so much, but I was very underwhelmed. What I don't like about Bloodlines is that it's basically an MLM where the goal of the game is to keep bringing in new blood who aren't tired of spending Linden on it yet. Any system where someone has to have blood bank alts to keep everyone topped up, or spend L to avoid penalty, is no good in my boo
  10. I absolutely have connections I feel are genuine through second life-- but the type of connection varies. A good writing partner in a roleplay is a connection in a creative level. I have friends I connect with on an emotional level. I also have outside of SL friends who use SL these days with me as a means of connecting and doing things together while we cannot visit. I wouldn't say this is any easier or harder than previous years to make friends in SL. I would say, as a baseline, it's never been easy. Second life has a lot of folks who want to stay in their bubble and have distrust for a
  11. Thank you for all you've done for SL, Oz!
  12. Here's to hoping! I have my phone set to send me text alerts when I get the test results so I'll be watching that for the next couple of days.
  13. Just took a Covid test. Results in 24-48hrs. I have no idea where I might have contracted it, but I'm sick as a dog. I can't breathe well, and I feel like death. I've been working from home and completely isolated from the world for a year =/
  14. I wish I could find a sim that reminded me of Portland, Oregon. Being in lockdown north of the Canadian border has me so homesick, I normally spend a good chunk of the summer there with family. I definitely find myself drawn to things that remind me of my hometown-- especially the nature around it.
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