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  1. Having immigrated to another country to be with a partner, it is not a simple, quick, or cheap process. A coworker of mine also recently did that exact process to go to Australia and it took about a year. You should find someone already in your country or focus on the long distance / online relationship primarily first. Moving to another country is a huge change. Make sure they're the right person first, or find someone already local.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what is being argued here, but the linked policy seems to be the best baseline if you're concerned about any roleplay. The policy says nothing about the other fetishes you mention or playing thousand year old vampires.
  3. I worked for a company that dabbled in SL for remote social gatherings. (not for actual work) I kept an alt avatar just for that. Everyone was expected to set their own stuff up and the company tossed us a few hundred Linden to play with. It was nice for a little while but most people couldn't get a handle on the controls. Didn't last very long even in a tech startup that had a strong number of people who knew what it was.l and had positive feelings about it.
  4. It's actually a really difficult line to walk! If you make the requirements too high people reuse passwords like crazy. If you make them too low passwords get cracked in minutes. Password managers help. Sometimes. Some companies are opting to allow easier to remember passwords because of this.
  5. There are a number of ways to bypass 2FA and the method of 2FA makes it either easier or harder. Token or app 2FA is more secure than text message. Physical key 2FA is also pretty secure. The most common way it is breached is phone number spoofing or someone using social engineering to get your phone service to port your number elsewhere, taking control of any 2FA you have connected to your text messages. This is why my work bans the use of text message 2FA, and we use token/app 2FA exclusively. Google will have more in depth info on the various kinds of attacks and breaches. No method is
  6. If you are in Canada and at the whims of the ever changing USD to CAD currency your bank may also have an option to set up a USD account and credit card in the same currency, allowing you to convert at the best time and avoid fees. I admittedly haven't been doing that for SL but I should start. I already have it set up for my other purchases I need to make in USD.
  7. Amazon is a multi national company that operates with a tax nexus in the EU. Their requirements to charge VAT is not only significantly more complex but they also do everything they can to try and lower the amount of VAT the end customer pays, which will differ considerably based on your location, the seller location, the product location, and what the product is. LL is not ripping you off with VAT. They are charging what they, a California based company, are required to do so to comply with tax law of the EU. As someone outside of the US I get that the added fees are worse when yo
  8. If you do not quote or at least @ someone then it is reasonable to assume you are replying to OP. That is also how I read your post and was confused why you would assume someone who's country you could not verify had lower taxes.
  9. The system I see in use right now on sims I frequent is Unity but I can't really tell you if it's that good or not because my character has never gotten into combat with it. It's been around long enough I'm sure there's plenty of people who praise or hate it. I am genuinely curious about other systems just to play with but I'm pretty take or or leave it on them in actual RP
  10. Im not sure if Tilla uses a secondary payment processing partner on their back end (like Braintree or Stripe or whatever) or does the processing themselves but the exchange fee is always pretty high. That is frustratingly normal, the fee your bank or a Google search may show you will not include exchange fees added on top of that when a company actually converts your money. Anyone paying in a currency other than USD will be hit with those fees, making Linden more expensive. It's usually fees they have to shoulder from banks. For some of my work clients they pay 3-4% in exchange fees for
  11. 2FA is sorely needed and I'm very glad to hear it is in the works. My hope is that one of the options will be software 2FA (such as Google authenticator app or other similar option) or even better linking to a physical key. Text message or email as two step is not as secure. (Though still better than none.)
  12. Reed outlined this in their above post but I work for a company that made the same migration a few years ago and I can tell you the benifits outweigh the cons heavily when you are looking at the long term. Amazon shoulders the cost of upgrades and outages, as well as the ever changing needs of server management. Long term the savings is minimal financially but enormous when it comes to time and workload required of the company involved. Moving to AWS is a clear signal of intending to reap those benifits for the long, long term which I can hazard a guess is part of the influence of the ne
  13. This is also due to the difficulty in incorporating real vanilla into product blends. Generally speaking, vanilla extracts are not oil soluble. Artificial vanilla oils (or vanillian) are cheaper and easier than finding the right blends of emulsifiers.
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