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  1. not working ,the comandpromt box,get red writing and make an error message,
  2. There is any program,like second life,where you can build your world,offline. I like to walk in my build with my avatar using fist view,meen 3d program like blender or sketchUp are boring to me,build in empty space...
  3. flat green http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myeolchi/240/143/58
  4. they sold it,so they make money because people cant make it anymore ,it prim >_>
  5. mesh,it going to use 10000000 prim giggle lol
  6. talk to talk,i want an 200x200x150 sphere to make a dome city.... look like it imposible,making in mesh many part will take lot of time, i am wondering why we cant make those.
  7. ....lol 0100010101 people lost the subject
  8. can't connect to the grid sound like to connect to the lands {lands general discussion}.
  9. 512(premum) + 1024(8$) + 10% group = 41x41/1681 sqm/384 prim
  10. wondering what i got in mind,after reading those post , people can see not every one may speak english perfecly,trying meen learning. but we still understand each other,from a world wide community. little story,i am french talking in english to a spanish girl ,learning english,wonder if someone was reading what we say to each other,that most look like a terrible english.
  11. sound like looking for a second life to me,find a job,get a family,never get late lol. for me sl is more a place to make what is impossible in real, look like anything ,fly like a bird,swim like a fish,build a twisted building, make a space ship an explore other world, in second life you can go in a future city then tp to a old city then tp to a fantasy world, world of infinity,between time,and fantasy,you can make anything.
  12. Ok ,i am making this post only to make some english people understand, i want to ask every one reading this post to say how many language they know : Start by me, French is my natal language, i can almost talk english freely,but if you not happy whit my english, Bien,ta juste à apprendre le francais.
  13. as people like bane line i going to put some on my lands,..
  14. all those people paying for there lands,can they rely close sl,$$$$ all those thing people have set up,build shop.deleted... they most make a lot of money whit sl,why will they close it. there is some os whit almost free lands,and they still run.
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