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  1. It's inspired me to learn some new things, particularly with GIMP and Blender, though I still have a long way to go. Learning that was a big deal when I was going through some tough stuff IRL, since it gave me a little something that I could look at and see yes, I improved something and had a small accomplishment to be happy with.
  2. If it costs a lot of money to fix the code to make name changes possible, then they won't do it unless they think they'll recoup the costs. Either in direct payments or in better user retention leading to the money coming back through tier payments, MP fees, etc. It doesn't make sense to offer a service that won't help them make money, whether directly or indirectly. So if they don't think that name changes are going to pay for themselves by making users spend more money on other things, they have two choices - charge to change, or don't let people change at all. Having the option to chan
  3. What I would be if I could choose and had few constraints, plus a few minor changes to fit the platform. Appearance roughly what I'd pick. She gets to stay home with her daughter all day as a young married mom, and do stuff around the house. The family will get much bigger over time. We're different, but not - we like the same things, for the most part, but our lives turned out very differently. Honestly, she's more "mainstream" and what some would consider boring than I am. But I like it that way.
  4. No, only if I was paying someone to do something on commission.
  5. My first choice would be individual colors with a demo that lets me see several of them, second choice a HUD with a copyable clothing item the scripts can be deleted from. Set the color, copy, delete the scripts from one of the copies. I'll buy something good either way, though.
  6. I just discovered another niche use for alts: reducing your permissions on copies of items you made. I'm scripting a bakery for personal use that only works well when the baking items are no-copy, but I can't set it up like that when I made the meshes and scripts myself. There's a solution. Passing them to my alt full-perm and then changing the permissions as the alt makes it work. He can rez the prop giver with props inside, which will freely make copies under his full permissions, and give me one I can't copy.
  7. When I have something I don't want to get accidentally changed or picked up, I set it to "locked" in the build editor. Learned my lesson after trying to grab something on the ground of my sky platform and grabbing the platform instead! That specific change looks like some kind of weird error, though, probably not something you did.
  8. I'm 5'4" IRL and wear a US 9. 6.4 ratio. I always thought that was a big shoe for my size but I guess it's not that much. My avatar is 5'7".
  9. Maybe. I'd RP her as having one and posting pictures to it. Making a real one to post pictures to might be worth it, might not be. It's a lot of work, and also would add some fun activity and be an opportunity to show things I've made. So right now I have too much else going on, would consider it later.
  10. Also the permissions on the object shown in your inventory don't always match what they functionally are. For full-perm it shouldn't have any restrictions, but the box it comes in might. It's possible that the item comes with a no-mod script in it, which makes the entire thing show as no-modify in inventory even though you can modify everything else about the item and can even delete and replace the script with a different one.
  11. Oh, no. I don't want the marketplace to shut down; shopping in-world has a lot of benefits and a lot of downsides. Before my PC upgrade, inworld shopping was almost impossible to navigate. Anywhere with more than two or three avatars dropped the framerate deep into single digits - I've seen 3 before, and couldn't even move my avi. Some sims have so much high-poly decor on everything that even as the only avatar it was tough for the PC to deal with. A lot of people have trouble with high-traffic / poorly optimized regions, and using the MP cuts down on how much lag they have to push through to
  12. They could open name changes to basic accounts if they do it at all, but either way they have to charge more than a trivial amount, to keep people (of either account type) from abusing the privilege. Realistically they'd probably charge extra for basic accounts on top of whatever the change fee is. At that point it would make more sense to get premium for one month, get the change done, and then not renew. Still no real idea what the fee would be, but I've heard numbers around $20 or $25 USD floated as rumors, so I don't think a one month membership, especially factoring in the stipend, would
  13. The "premium perk" I'd actually want is being able to pick a surname. I've been Resident since 2014. Didn't like the generic surname then, really don't like it now. It would be better if groups stayed the same for existing basic members and the number available went down for NEW basic accounts, and the surname change was rolled out as an extra paid feature available to premium members only. New basic accounts are either brand-new people, who won't be as involved in as many RPs / social groups / merchant things for awhile as people who have been here for years or over a decade, or they're
  14. Meh. Don't care about group maximums or IM caps and don't have the money to buy a full region so this costs more for the same service. I'll keep the premium membership, though. It's too bad we can't pick different "extras" or have them a la carte. Like if premium pricing stayed the same, but you can add $1/mo more for each of higher IM caps, higher group limit, half price uploads, and so on. I'd use an upload discount.
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