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  1. Actually I do own my own home and you do not pay taxes monthly, You pay home owners insurance but taxes are yearly and that's on the land not the home, get it right, and what's tiring is people responding with half thought out replies and acting like they know something yet wasting readers time by showing they know nothing, And if you wanna kiss someone's butt don't do it on my post.
  2. I'm sorry, But I find it not only disturbing but sad that people are being charged a months Rent Real world rent house payments whatever To own land in SL. It is just sad that a Game, yes it is a game, would charge 300 plus a month plus set up fees that can go as high as 600 to own virtual land, I mean the really sad part is in RL you take out a loan whatever, you buy your land once the loan is paid back the land is yours no more payments, normally 10 maybe 20 years to pay off, But with SL you are paying the same rates as land/home ownership payments in RL but you are paying them forever. Thi
  3. arton Rotaru wrote: This will never happen. Not because of Linden Lab, but rather Sony would never ever allow the adult content and activities you can do in Second Life on their consoles. This is not true as Sony is allowing more and more adult content including adult films being soild on the PS store, Look for your self Misty Mundae movies including Spider babe. and many others, more and more adult situations in games and more imersive content is being made all the time, Sony never took issue with adult content go back and look at the metal gear games, point of fact you used a playboy m
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