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  1. I'm sorry, But I find it not only disturbing but sad that people are being charged a months Rent Real world rent house payments whatever To own land in SL. It is just sad that a Game, yes it is a game, would charge 300 plus a month plus set up fees that can go as high as 600 to own virtual land, I mean the really sad part is in RL you take out a loan whatever, you buy your land once the loan is paid back the land is yours no more payments, normally 10 maybe 20 years to pay off, But with SL you are paying the same rates as land/home ownership payments in RL but you are paying them forever. This is just sickening, we get no help from LL with scammers or spammers in clubs/shops yet we have to pay an actual RL rent price just to own land and run a club. I find it sad that this is going on, In a day and age where the monthly payment on a 50.000 dollar home loan, can be paid off with Payments as low as 400 to 600 a month or rent on a nice Apartment will run you around 300 to 400 a month, we are now paying 300 plus a month to own land in a game? This is senseless, it is total creed and nothing more, the cost to maintain the servers is no where near that maybe 50 to 100 a month in the worst case. But 300. No this is greed nothing else, It is sad and just stupid, people are paying upwards of 3600 a year just to have land in a game, A Game! WTF? that's a years payment on a new car, it's rent on a new home or even a second/vacation home, and you are blowing it on land in a game? and LL expects you to pay it even though they refuse to help with spammers and scammers and people harassing others. and Still you pay, I just wanted to run a nice club and have fun, but I've been scammed by BS Land sellers, RFG or some crap like that. Have a 1/2 homested from SLE, which is also crap low prims not even enough to really have the club and oh yeah, not to mention you are limited to 32 people on the land, wow, it's a bday party for a small family with no friends, Yet we pay 68 a month just for that, 120 to 180 a month for a few thousand more prims, and for a full region 20 to 30.000 prims over 300 a month, and this is considered great, Nah I'm out, sorry I am not contributing anymore to a company that rips off it's customers and over charges for bs, and has zero interest in the community. so once my time has ran out I'm done. maybe one day I'll wake up and read in the paper( Virtual one through PS vr) or something. Linden labs closes doors leaving gamers stunned with no warning and no explanation,Attempts were made to contact LL But with no response. Good luck and enjoy the day they close the doors and run away with all your money laughing at the stupidity .
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