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  1. Happy New Year 2021. May the year move forward with chill.
  2. It will be interesting to see which names become the most popular. Some of the names seems childish to me but they don't bother me. It is Second Life and we are here to have fun. If at some point we can pay to include any last name or if Honeyflower were a name, I'd pay. I'm too invested in Honeyflower to have any other name. I look forward to seeing these new names waddling about SL. ♥
  3. Taken just now at a live musician gig where Melenda is singing. Left to right: Mollie Darling, Abby Jaidov, Sheree Honeyflower(me) & Female.
  4. I'll start with a cheat measure using a photo taken 4th November, 2019 at The Rock Life art display by, Cica Ghost. People are; Sophia Day(blue dress), Onyx Moonblade(centre, wearing wings) and myself sitting on the rock.
  5. My first Bellsseria was a houseboat at Wheelhouse which I claimed in the first thirty or so minutes of the first release. Sadly, I could not get into decorating my houseboat, so after thinking it over, I released it back into the wild so someone else could have her. After I spent a week holiday at Second Norway, I claimed a land based home at Millers Pond which I did like. I was keenly waiting for the camping release but I also liked this home so I didn't really know what I would do. When I saw the buzzing happening around, I chose to released her back into the wild and went to be
  6. My brother and I live only a short distance apart from each other. I was sure I have photos of my home but alas, I will leave this Victorian era photo for now.
  7. I joined Dec'12 however the closest photo I can find is dated 2014. To my surprise, Starhaven Amazon & Jungle Roleplay still exists today which is awesome, so I wore the same outfit in both photos with the exception for my hair(skins, shape, etc all different of course).
  8. Day 2 of exploring Belliseria is a helicopter flight flying low over land and through untamed ranges.
  9. I had my first explore of Bellisseria. I decided to fly out from my houseboat for a little view from above and a street landing before returning home.
  10. No, you're a dishonest person is all. Bull rp and vice versa is one thing. The information in the group profile I shared is not sexual fetish but the ideology of racial supremacism. That is your dishonesty or inability to comprehend in your projection. And seeking to bait me for my sexual identity does reveal all I need to know about you.
  11. It's disconcerting to see people who cannot tell the difference between a sexual fetish and racial politics where one believes they're are genuinely superior. For the person who called me a bigot, I was using Bull rp as an example but you selectively quoted to push your lies and racial hatred. If this is America's thinking, then I want to see America fall for good.
  12. I can see Australians taking three hours to fly a plane to cross the country or maybe an entire day to drive between Sydney and Brisbane if there was RL scale.
  13. It was brought to my attention within Second Life circles on Facebook that there is a group involving a role play group for black slavery set on American principles. There are role play groups which are racially mixed with on in control over the other as a sexual fetish which is fine by me. It's not for me however many people do have the fetish of bi racial D/s like Bulls where submissive white women submit to black men as a sexual fetish just as there is similar D/s roleplay across the grid. My concern is about Linden Lab having become another space to encourage the normalisation of out
  14. As an avid explorer and a destination blogger(Virtually Sheree), I have thought for a long time that if anything would help encourage more exploring and group participation, joining up mainland continents would be a positive with tracks of passage sea and air which could have info points and activity areas along the way. SL Airliners have already started to express their support by flying between continents.
  15. I am also having this very same log in issue. I turned my firewall off 100% and still cannot accesst Second Life. I've noticed others in Australia are having this issue.
  16. I am having this very issue today. I turned myf firewall off completey and tried different viewers but I get the same message regardless.
  17. I can't upload a single either. I have tried three viewers; SL viewer, Firestorms and that Alpha viewer and it crashes every single time I try to upload. It's been happening over the past few months and it appear that nothing has been done to fix this fault going by the dates of these comments I read with similar issues.
  18. I am having a lot of trouble with using SL for I struggle to remain online for long than a few minutes and I am coming across others who are also struggling to have any connection with SL. Now try and find a way to contact Linden Labs. You have more chance of catching AIDS from an ant bite than getting into contact with Linden. Why did I bother paying membership for no support in return when SL no longer works?
  19. Nalates Urriah; "Also the Internet net is changing. The entire infrastructure is changing from IPv4 to IPv6." Well, not all ISP's are changing over. Spoke with my ISP about this and they are not going to make the changes to IPv6 but are staying with IPv4.
  20. I don't get Australia. The World is speeding up but Australia, fearing any change, is deliberatey slowing itself down yet demanding to be World competitive. Goddess forbid some sanity in this country.
  21. Hi Hiro, I am using Dodo via the Testra landline. Which is your ISP? I rang them today asking for a line test, etc and they said that the line is good from where they're sitting. The speed is where it should be. The techie was a gamer too. If only I thought about asking him of the mangled thing.
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