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  1. Hey Guys!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! As this year 2021 is coming around the world leaving behind the tiresome and infamous year 2020 that no one on the planet wants to see again the new year comes loaded with hope that it will be better for all the inhabitants of this small blue planet in the deep space this planet formed by multiple communities countries links love regions and if also problems and deaths now while it is the new year that began to make way in a small island in the Pacific Ocean the archipelago of Kiribati that is threatened by the rise of the oceans and global warming th
  2. Our lindens who art in the labs, hallowed be thy prims :matte-motes-kiss: :catembarrassed: :matte-motes-evil: giggles
  3. [updated 9:10am PDT 26 April 2012] We are continuing to work to restore services. At this time, we have no estimated time of repair. Please continue to monitor this blog for updates Actualizado 09:10 am hora del Pacífico 26 de abril 2012] Seguimos trabajando para restablecer los servicios. En este momento, no tenemos tiempo estimado de reparación. Por favor, sigan vigilando este blog para actualizaciones [Posted 7:20am PDT 26 April 2012] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance. This may cause some Residents to be logged out or prevent some from being able to login. Our hom
  4. BK Linden wrote: I’m happy to announce some very exciting news today: Rod Humble is Linden Lab’s new CEO. Our press release is here. You’ll hear from Rod himself after he starts in mid-January, but in the meantime, we wanted to share a brief introduction. Rod has an impressive depth of experience in developing and leading fun, immersive entertainment experiences that have been great successes. As a 20-year veteran of game development, he’s worked on more than 200 games, and last year, the gaming magazine Edge named him #2 on their annual list of Hot 100 Game Developers. Rod is coming to
  5. Welcome to Second life Rod but remember this world not is "·the sims" and not playing a game now play with human emotions that is not a game I would remind you that I trust your intelligence welcome Mr humble xoxox Perse
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