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  1. Hi I am an Australian user and for the last few hours i have been able to log on , I have tried turning off firewall, ( turne doff whole security ) doing a clean install, waiting a few hours to see if it was just a glitch >>> I a using firestorm, but none of my friends that are in Australia can get in world either. I keep getting this message. Any other suggestions ? 
  2. Is anyone else having trouble signing in thursday 19th at 1:36 SLT ? Have tried lastion location and home as sing in points. keep getting message that Secondlife servers might be having issues. but can;t find any updates about it Anyone else ?
  3. I use SL viewer and i have tried firestorm same result. About two weeks ago with no apparent reasoning my search an dprofile menus just stopped working.. I have the latest up date for both firestorm and SL viewer but it doesnt seem to help. Any suggestions is t here something new in one of the menus that i might have ticked or unticked without realising the result ? Thanks
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