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  1. Lasher Oh wrote: It looks to me like Europe get's the worst of the spam - when America wakes up the mods jump in and dump it, which basically means that most US residents wandering into the forums are unlikely to know much about it. Thus problem swept under carpet for another day. ^L^ You're right Lasher, the forum is 'smashed down' most with the spam at the European morning hours :smileysad:
  2. LL is working 7 days/week and was also present in this forum last weekend, so that shouldn't be otherwise this weekend i think :smileyhappy:
  3. Venus Petrov wrote: On the Community Help page it reads that you must be a 'Member' rank in order to specify tags. ETA: Humm...I was able to add a tag to someone else's post. I think it may be that one cannot add tags to posts in Off Topic. Thank you Venus :smileyhappy: So you have to "earn" them i guess.
  4. In the old blog i had chosen my own Tags, but it seems not working that way here. Can't you choose your own tags (or from a list) anymore?
  5. I like this new platform very much. The new blogs and forum look really great. And the video tutorials are very helpful. Thank you all! :smileyhappy:
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