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  1. Ah good to know thank you for the info did not explore anymore after kirbee was released so was not sure the names sound like they should be near water so I asked. Hate to go back thru these posts what area had the big lighthouse that you can see from all the houses?
  2. Are these regions inland or at least near a water canal or beach?
  3. I decorated my friends Winchester and then she basically donated the houseboat over to me because she has not been able to get onto the game and said for me to enjoy it. I basically added some beach chairs and a Jacuzzi on that back deck because of the view from the houseboat even though I have beach chairs down on the water surrounding the pool. tried to fill in with tropical plants to make it look somewhat full and not to use too many prims because I added a bunch of things to the middle deck/inside and down on the water. All I can do with my Zooby baby is keep her attached to me I hate to have to rent another home but that may happen very hard for me to use any of her cribs/changing table or bath because I am not able to place her on the ground with all her clothing attachments. I mean I could use my alt account an obtain another house maybe but it will look more like a nursery then a home inside hmm that may be an idea Bellisseria daycare center.
  4. Scroll back a few pages and if I remember someone actually posted not this current release but the previous ones what the SL time was.
  5. Love to know how the system determines when a house after being released goes back into rotation some are instant and others take awhile. I am glad if I do need to release my home again I still have my husbands and my newly acquired group houseboat in which my friend stated to do with whatever I want with it as she has had no time to even play.
  6. Very nice spot wish we were neighbors least I would have someone active next door sometimes I feel no one is alive that lives around me. Oh wait do you have a prim baby also? I just read a post above me sounds like you have something that is heavy on prims like me.
  7. I agree when the plot is not the greatest you want to move on to something better, I have a plot that I am giving up just for that simple reason sorry to say it seemed to be no thought in the landscaping around the property a bunch a large trees and nothing else no bushes, pretty flowers, maybe a seating area something like they are doing with the newer released areas. Now I have designed so much of the inside that I really can't do much with the outside to a point it is just depressing. I stay mostly in the hubby's house because of this.
  8. Ok going to spank you why did you just not pass it to me lol.
  9. Really come on why did you not tell me lol dang one time I could have gotten my waterview.
  10. Oh I would luv a homestead region to be included in a package deal I would probably give my Bellisseria home up on the fly and so would my husband because that way we would only hold one Super Duper Premium account. Some other perks with it would be nice also I guess we just have to wait and see.
  11. I wonder if that was the slip on what she knows that we don't know since it is stated new video ads and the Super Duper Premium so I am feeling there is going to be some bigger package deal that you are able to obtain hmm maybe I am just grasping straws lol.
  12. But I am still paying for it so does not matter if they show something or not, I still expect my station or a reduce price.
  13. @RaeLeeH did I not tell you I was going to miss out on my ideal location because I did not release the new home I got to wait for Kirbee what did they do yesterday and release. Go figure I am not sure I want to even stress myself anymore for that waterfront property.
  14. Watch the massive flocks pounce hehe is this a waterfront home j/k.
  15. There is no promise but if you want one you should have the option to obtain one that is suppose to be a feature given to you as a premium member. I mean really who still wants a old linden home that has less prims and in a cluttered area where the homes are on top of each other, no landscaping at all yes since some people have been in them for years they have made it possibly to there liking and they have all the right to stay where they like. I myself personally never like the old linden homes and never acquired one for longer then maybe a week and then gave it up to rent. But if your paying for a feature you should be able to get that feature you can not justify how anyone feels for there hard earned money. Like paying for cable premium stations and then they take away two or three of those stations and still want you to pay the same amount I think not.
  16. There where plenty that came up last week that all that seemed to be popping up. The houseboats are a bit rarer then the homes as it does not seem to be as many so either a area that has them has to come available or someone has to release one which is very rare.
  17. I temporarily had to use the security system as I found out that the house I got was abandoned by another player and there were tons of bogus names listed in the access list for the home so to be on the safe side I turned on the security system while removing all the names from the list. I planned on contacting support to just wipe it for me but I had time so did it myself that is the only reason I have it will remove once I feel no one is trying to gain access.
  18. Damn knew they where going to release kirbee and they were all close to a water canal. See i knew if I did not release something that what I wanted would come up it never fails.
  19. You never know when they release so just keep trying they may skip a day and then release the next day, or they release late. Some people that post on here are on different time zones and are sleep now so they may not be posting. Trust me you are not the only one looking some people just don't post at all and just lurk. Still 1000's of people out there looking for a new home.
  20. I may be releasing the new one I got recently have my eye on another area but have no idea why I am asking for a hurting because I never get what I actually am looking for.
  21. Hmm starting to like this kirbee area and don't think it has been released yet homes all still belong to Linden. To release again and pray to get one in that area hmm should I should I not.
  22. Lol! I was slow I logged onto my PC went to the page clicked on the auto refresh it popped up said I am not going to get it but I will try it took a bit to load on the accept screen and then said I had the home.
  23. Ok just got a home who got rid of one in Templeby lol can tell that it is so far away from any body of water may be releasing when I get home.
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