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  1. Sassy Romano wrote: GERI01 wrote: To have all the variations from all the other resellers, it is then a simple matter of ripping their textures. Enlighten me... how would they go about that "simple" process of obtaining ALL the textures from all the other sellers. (hint: it's NOT a simple process to get all the other textures!) You do of course know better than this. You see someon with the same dress model, you have the texture in your cache, and it is yours to steal.
  2. If a prefab is sold with modify permissions, consumers need only to buy one copy of the prefab from one reseller. To have all the variations from all the other resellers, it is then a simple matter of ripping their textures.
  3. Bento is near complete, maybe it is hype for a main viewer release? Also there are some interesting, fairly new Linden test builds on the grid: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HE%20Build%201/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HE%20QA%201/ I expect the FOREVER CHANGED!!!!! part is going to be overstatement like usual.
  4. The sin tracker gun works the same as most SL weapons: go into mouse look, aim and click. Most weapons rez projectiles, for that to work you need land with rez permission. For this system you also have to wear the beacon.
  6. GERI01


  7. Those look like the crowds that show up for sploders, which I'm told are totally not camping devices even though they work exactly the same. It's typical for those entirely legitimate contests, that have nothing at all to do with gaming traffic, to run only a few hours a day when fewer real visitors might notice. The sploder iitself is sometimes hidden. The owners of those avatars, who are totally not traffic bots even though they act exactly like them, can find out where to show up from the sploder tracking web sites.
  8. If you CAN teleport to adult locations but CAN'T use adult web search or see adult Marketplace items, it takes a support ticket to fix it.
  9. If a texture is not full permissions, it will not apply to an attachment. If will apply after detach and rez.
  10. Older premium accounts get bigger stipends, even old basic accounts get small ones. The SL history wiki shows what newer accounts missed out on.
  11. Perrie Juran wrote: RudolphFarquhar wrote: DId you know that he actually started off in SL as a griefer, received a very long ban, and then decided to work for good when his access was restored . . . **********Rudi********** Are you saying he was a Griefer during the closed beta? Andrew's profile shows a birthdate of 6/2/2002. The public beta did not start until October 2002. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/History_of_Second_Life Andrew was there from the beginning in 1999.
  12. That comes from Norton antivirus packages. Second Life is supposed to use a lot of CPU. The best fix is to replace Norton with a good antivirus package. If you want to keep using Norton, open its interface, go to admin settings - performance monitor - program exclusions - configure and add your viewer to the exceptions.
  13. The height in the shape editor changes when you put on different shoe bases. Does it go back to where you expected if you go barefoot?
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: Is the World Round or Flat? Flat. If you make a round world you have to pick a size first.
  15. Maybe that alt's account is broken like mine was. My birthdate was correct at signup. Inworld access worked fine, even access to adult regions worked once I set it. Still I could not see mature/adult stuff correctly on the marketplace or web search, and could not even receive marketplace gifts rated like that. It took a support ticket and an ID check to get it fixed.
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