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  1. The plot thickens.. Seems these bots are related to Blood lines....
  2. Thanks for posting this, very helpful...
  3. These AVs dont move and are facing the same direction with very similar names.....it sure looks automated
  4. Lately I have been seeing AVs appearing as random singles, they click on objects but dont seem to engage people. This morning I found a swarm of them appearing at a single location and thought smarter people here might know whats going on??... 
  5. Thanks Morgan, that did the trick!!.. hats off to you! On a side note I was also having issues with the most recent version of Adobe flash (10.3) crashing my machine, Minimem took care of that issue as well.... **edit** I find Minimem allows me to use higher graphic settings i.e set to high WITH atmospheric shaders, Lighting and Shadows, Ambient occlusion and "shadows" Sun/Moon + projectors, and still maintain a reasonble frame rate.. woot !!!
  6. I saw that thread and tried the install, it had no effect. I dont think this is an SL viewer issue but the problem is apperent when I run SL. im thinkin virus at this point...ugh!
  7. Hi all. Im running XP (sp3) SL V3xxxxx I am finding SL memory seems to climb to a point that it crashes, as viewed with Taskmanager. Starts at 500.000k and climbs rapidly to 1.4 gig then SL crashes everything was fine with the previous version of Sl... Any ideas ???
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